Do You Remember Your First Kiss?
I don't. Tis a sad thing, I guess.
On my birthday, my homie from my "rugrat" days sent me a facebook message telling me happy birthday. He is, in fact, "my homie then" and still is now. We grew up staying basically right behind each other, he was on the other side on "the block."
Anywho, he continued to say, "you also was the first girl i ever kissed LOL.......what good memories." Hm. Well, he told me this before, but by gosh, I just don't remember it! Haha. His story was confirmed by my older sister who, along with his older sister, caught us in the act. Needless to say, my sister then told on me and I supposedly got a "spanking" and my homie was prohibited to come over for a while. =| Was that
really necessary? Haha.
He said it went a little like this...
He was about to run back home and before he left he said, "I want to try something I seen on a movie." I said, "Okay." Then boom. Smooches!
Yeah so, blame it on the media. Haha.


Rai said...

LMAO! How cute! Damn that media.

But OMG! I remember mine, it sucked soooo bad. I was 13... =/
He kissed so sloppy, yuck!!

.rawkii said...

Haha. I know right.
Ah, the awkward sloppy kiss. Haha. Aw.

Jervis said...