So, yesterday I went to Mr. N's birthday BBQ. Like his friend said, we kind of "paused" the movie at the sad part and went back to normal programming. It was really cool. Not awkward at all. I met his God-Mother. I was nervous, from what I gather, she was hard to impress. She said, "I finally get to meet Amber. I've heard a lot about you. I see its all true." *I put up the nervous look, thinking what all does she know?* "Don't worry it was all good." *She smiles and I give a breath of relief* Whew. 
   I surprised him by getting three of his close friends in on a water gun attack. Instead of 20 hits, he got bombarded. Haha. We got him good. Soon it became a girls vs. boys war, but us two girls came out on top. It was one point I had him cornered. We were alone and we kissed, I didn't want it to end. Jinkies man. Ugh! Then we walked out like it didn't happen. =\ Eh. Soon, they were getting ready to go to the club. My hair was a mess, attire not up to par, and I had spent up to my last on his birthday.
    After I left I was in the mood to get dressed up, go out and be bad. I needed to do something so I wouldn't have to think about Mr. N. I couldn't find any takers, but one. The H.S.S. [High School Sweetheart]. Our relationships were hell, but friendship-wise, we can count on each other. I'm so grateful for that. I dressed up in my black dress, new heels, and went riding with him. He knows just how to cheer me up, all it takes is one car ride. =] Something about the sound of the road or something. Hm.
    Came back to the dorm. I got in the groove, dancing and singing to the old jamz with the co-workers. It was soo fun. The night ended well. I didn't go be bad, but I had fun. Just what I needed. =]


Rai said...

It's terrifying meeting people. lol

At least you had a good time.
Martin was suppose to head up here this weekend, but can't.

But anyways YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! =D

.rawkii said...

Yes! It is. Haha.

Ah man, I hope something works out so he can get to you soon. =]

Thanks ma'am, I was trying to practice a smokey eye look for your contest right before I took those. It didn't look right, so I rubbed some of it off. =\ I shall try again later. Haha.