I Kid You Not...
   My roomies and I had to do something right. Before we left the room we said, "I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me." Since then, things have just fallen into place. We actually caught the bus to class! Yes...we...bus! We are usually too late for it. My first class went sooo smoothly. Even got out early so I could do some much needed studying for my Mass Comm test today. Yesss! 
   I think we are gonna make it a routine. I guess we should have been doing that. Haha. Even if the day isn't going so well, I think it would be good to recite just to keep hope alive and indeed keep H.O.P.E. alive. Haha [Insider for Georgians] =]
   Well, I'm off to take that test. Hope you all are have a blessed day.
Smile =]



First Off, Let Me Begin By Saying...
Thank You Followers!
All 51 of You!
You're Totally Awesome.
    At the mall, club, or some public place...I'm sure you've been involved in the same situation. You're walking along and then it happens...some guy/girl tries to "holla" at you. However, you are not interested. What do you do? How do you handle the situation. Do you scheme your way around it or flat-out let the person know that you aren't feeling them. Even then, what if they persist? What do you do?
    I have a speech about this very topic and I want your opinions. Post about your own personal experiences. I want this speech to be more accurate beyond my own accounts. So go ahead and fill me in on your best "Dodging the 'Holla'" moments. =] I'm sure these will be quite entertaining.
    Just post a link to the post in my comments. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Can't wait to read these.
P.S. The first three people to post up shall get a special something-something. =]


The Weekend Has Whooshed By!!!
    It has been pretty busy for the past few days. Starting Friday, I was going off of 2 hours of sleep, I had work the night before. Anywho, my roomies and I headed to Applebee's. They have a special where two people can share an appetizer and have an entree each for just $20. Yesss! So we got boneless buffalo wings and I got my steak, as usual. I was full for the rest of the day. 
    After eating, I decided to stop at the regular shops: Target, Ross, TJ Maxx. I usually find nifty little deals. I was not disappointed. First stop, Target. We were just browsing, then we came across this wonderful wall of e.l.f. products and I remember Twinnie mentioning it in her blog. To our delight, almost all the items were a $1 each. We all grabbed a basket and went to town! Next, bras! I always look out for some on the low. I found this sexy one for just $4.24 and another cute bra for $4.98. I was happy. Lastly, I found this nice long-sleeve shirt for just $3.24 and some socks.
Target purchases excluding socks and bras.

Elf products: eye-widener, eyeliner-black, sharpener, blotting sheets, 
eye-shadow combo-ivy, mascara-clear, nail polish-clear, lip gloss-pink lemonade

    We decided to skip Ross and headed to TJ Maxx. We soon got lost in the many choices of wallets. I needed a new one because the clasp on my old one was broken and my change kept falling out. Soon, I came across this:
I love it! It fits me, believe it or not.
     Saturday, I slept most of the day away. Once I finally woke up, I headed to my Unc-R's to sped time with the fam. My sis, two cousins, and I soon went to go get a pedicure. It was the second pedicure of my life. I got black, like last time, I think it is a trend I will keep. I like the design, on the toe, I could have done without the gem-thingys. I would post a pic, but I'm too self-conscious for that. Haha. Sadly, I had to leave and go to work. Eh. Once I got off, Mr. N texted. So that brighten up my night. I missed him, but I didn't want to nag him about coming. Luckily, he texted me first saying he missed me. Guess he assumed I was sleep, when I texted back he decided to come on over. 
     Right now, I'm about to get ready and head to my Unc's again. Do some laundry, start on homework, and enjoy being with the fam. Post laterrr.

P.S. Haha. I has pressed 'publish' early. Hehe. Thats why it was cut short. Sorry. =]



It's Fridayyy! Yay!
    Yeah, 3 in the morn and I'm still up. I was just about to spaz out cause I lost connection to the internet for a good 5-10 minutes. I don't know why, everything was connected properly. I'm guessing its the service provider here and I pray it doesn't happen again. I was just imagining telling my Mom and she getting mad asking, "What did you do?! I'm not buying you another computer! Etc." Whew, glad I can skip that episode.
    Anywho, as I posted before, the week flew by. I feel better. No sorrows. I only had one class today...we had an exam, which I feel pretty good about. Now, I just feel the pressures of next week coming, but I'm going to try to be one step ahead of it all. So basically, next week looks like this:
Monday: Art Assignment Due & Mass Communication Exam
Tuesday: Art History Exam =\
Wednesday: Mass Communication Extra Credit Due & Tau Sigma T.O.A.S.T.
Thurday: Speech
Can you say, "Ahhhhhh!!!"?
    So starting today...I'm going to try to start on the studying and complete my art assignment. Plus work in spending time with the fam. this weekend. My Mom, Grandma, and Big Sis are coming! Woot. Wish me luck.

Tau Sigma & Spurs
    Wednesday, I had my induction to attend for Tau Sigma. It's an honorary society for transfer students. Not many people showed, I guess because of the rain. Oh well, there was more cake for us. I think I may try to become apart of the executive board, they e-mailed me the application today. They kept mentioning that there were "many positions open." So why not? Great way to finally get involved in something on campus. I would really like to do something with it, make it a more well-known and active organization.
Afterwards, I met my roomies at the Hawks vs. Spurs game. Wooot! Yeah, so I was suppose to be all for the Hawks, but I like the Spurs. I was hyped!
Woot! I'm too hyped! Even though I look like I'm at a Hornets game. Haha.
My roomies and our bud/supplier of tickets.

    Got back to the dorm just in time for work. Mr. N came and kept me company during my shift. Got back to my room and he helped me study for my History exam. He's such a sweetie. Well, I'm be off to work at 4. *sigh*



Couldn't Think Of A Better Title...
So there you have it. Haha.
     So Monday has come and gone, once again. My weeks don't usually drag, so it will be Friday before I know it. Anywho, today didn't go quite as planned. I'm not even going to go through the details. Feels kind of pointless. I'm just disappointed. I really don't ask for much, so I think my feelings deserve consideration. I'm not asking for more than I would give. *sigh* When dealing with disappointments, sometimes, apologies aren't quite enough. Sometimes, you will have to make that jive up. I hope he knows that...

Special Thanks to:
Thanks for your kind words and advice. 
I really appreciate it. =]

    Today, there was a free HIV testing event. I like to know my status, so I go whenever they hold the event at school. I got a negative test result, which is always something to thank God about. Don't mean to sound all BET on ya, but get tested people! Knowing is beautiful. =]



I Just Want To Go...
...pack up a bag and hit the highway for home. *sigh* I have too many obligations to go off and do that. School, work, family... Its just that, this weekend...well past few weeks have been emotionally unbalanced. I'm a moody person, but I've been swinging more than usual lately and its starting to scare me a little. I don't want to hit my lowest of the low. Especially now that I found someone special, Mr. N. But its almost like I feel its coming. Some nights, its almost like I can feel the darkness fill me. I don't want my darkness to affect him...or anyone, for that matter.
    I got to find a way to deal. To do it on my own. My moms says I need to ask for help, talk to someone...but I don't like that. It makes me feel weak... I'm use to holding it all inside. I've been doing it for so long, I don't really want to change that. Its what I'm comfortable with. There's just so much. My mind is so occupied. I've been forgetting things, slacking here and there. I've lost my focus.

Thinking Back...
    When I was younger, when I was riding home with my mom and sis in the backseat, there would be this street light we would take a left at to go home. Some evenings, when the sunset was just right and the pink, purple, and blue in the sky was announcing the night...I wished my mom would just make a right. Just spur of the moment, make a right and we would go away...anywhere.
     Thats what I want to do. Just one day, after class or whatnot, I would look at the sky and think, "This is the day, this is the moment." And just drive...find my way "home."



    Woke up this morn and did some unintentional spring cleaning with two of my roommates. The fourth roommate had woke us up on her way out. We were all kind of pissed about that. In addition, we were sick of the stench that had occupied the dorm room. We cleaned, arranged, frebrezed...and luckily the smell is gone. We still have no idea where it specifically came from...but we're guessing it was a product of our fourth roommate. =/
    I've been hearing about Twitter and I decided to join to see what the hype is about. Didn't have much of an idea of what I was doing. I think I was slightly amused for about an hour. Now, I'm back down to the "eh" feel for things. I can see how it can have an addicting potential. I'll see how long I will keep it up. In the meantime...if you're into twittery, my page is http://twitter.com/rawkii 

Later Tonight...
    Mr. N and I are suppose to hang out. Tilapia is the dish for tonight. =] I probably should be getting ready now, but I'm getting sleepy. I think the extra hours of sleep are starting to affect me. Time to play catch-up and throw up a few zZ's.
Yawnnnn and a Smile.



What'cha Got Cookin', Good Lookin'
   So Tuesday, Mr. N and I decided to chill at his place. We even cooked dinner together! When I say "we" cooked...I mean, he basically cooked everything: rice, green beans, and the steak. He had been bragging about how "delicious" his steak was, so I figured it was bout time he proved himself. I did make the brownies. =] "Brownies for my brownie!" [If you haven't seen "Madea Goes to Jail" that probably went over your head.]

    His steak was pretty good. I felt kind of bad...I need to learn how to cook a little something something. I just never wanted to learn. I've seen it being done so many times, I use to be my Grandma's shadow, so I don't think I'm totally incapable. Sometimes, I pitch in at my Uncle's house, so I'm not totally clueless, but I think its time I try to fix a complete meal on my own. Now, this is a huge deal. If I'm willing to try to cook a meal, other than breakfast. Hehe. It would be a neat surprise for Mr. N, and myself, if it works out. =]
Post up laterrr. 



It's 7 O'clock In The Morning...
   And I'm up, wide awake. No, I didn't take a lack-nap earlier. I didn't knock out before 2AM either. After about a good 15-20 minutes, I decided posting may be my best bet in passing time. Anywho, Saturday. My sis and I decided to hit up Ross and T.J,Maxx. I usually try to find a cute dress or wallet in Ross. No such luck. T.J.Maxx is my source for the big bags I like to carry and accessories as well. I did find a nice tote bag in there for the low. $5.99 =]
I decided to put George in the shot too. Haha.
I think I'm use this a much need bag for my books.
   My sis and I then went to eat. I wanted to go back to this italian place, but nooo she wanted to "try something new." I don't usually like to risk money when it comes to food, I know how picky I am. She was paying so, it didn't take much persuasion. Plus, she said if I didn't like it, she'll by me something to-go at the Italian place.
   I had a hard time choosing. I just wanted to go next door and get my spaghetti. The lady who works there is like "Try it! You'll like it!" We get our food. Mine was eh, okay. It wasn't like totally disgusting, but it it got worst as I went on. My sister was kind of tearing hers up so I kept eating. I stopped when she stopped. She looked at me and from the look on my face said, "I'll go buy you some spaghetti." We got up to leave and the lady asks how we liked it. My sis was like, "It was great!" I said, "It was...okay.
    Once the door closed behind us my sis says, "That was horrible! I couldn't eat anymore of that." I asked, "Why did you keep eating it?! I thought you liked it?! I kept eating it cause you were." She replies, "I kept eating cause YOU were!" *bursts of laughter* She likes for me to try new things. I love that about her. Plus, as long as I got my spaghetti, I was happy.

Victoria's Secret...
   I had printed out my free gift coupon that I got from Twinnie's blog. I let my roommates in on it. After I got back from the outing with my sis, four of us headed to V. Secret, print-outs in tow. Haha. I felt a little bad cause the cashier was like, "I bet one of you told the rest about this." *Womp, guilty* I got the lime green bag. I painted on mine when I got back to my dorm, just to make it unique to me. Hehe.
Some may say I should of left it alone, but I couldn't resist.
Click for larger view.
   Plus, I bought some Very Sexy perfume. I love how it lasts allllll day! Its so hard to find a fragrance that lasts. With that purchase I got a "What's Your Secret Worth?" card. It can be worth up to $500! Haha. Hey if not, it will at least be worth $10 of my next purchase. I must not forget to use it before May 10th!
   Okay I think I can go back to sleep now. Catch a good two hours before class. Mr. N is coming today, hopefully. =] I miss him, quite a lot. Post laterrr.



Big Sis In The House!!!
   She made it to town last night. I was super excited. Don't get to see her much. I had to drop plans to go to a birthday party. Family comes first, especially when I only see her every blue moon. Plus, my Unc-E had told me not to go because it was in a bad area. (That alone, was reason enough for me to not go.) One of my friends who planned on riding with me seems disappointed about it. I thought she was cool about it, from her reaction when I told her I wouldn't be able to make it last night. I don't know tho... I mean, if the tables were turned, I would be understanding about it. Thats the thing, you can't get an accurate understanding of what someone is saying through texts. 
    Anywho, I really don't want to think about that today. I want to go and have fun with my sis and the rest of the family. Deal with what the rest later, if there really is anything to deal with. *sigh*
In Other News...
My Twinnie nominated me! Yayyy!

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If I follow you, you're pretty fabulous to me, goes without saying. =]


No Longer Feeling Under The Weather...
Thanks to those who wished me "Get well soon"s on the last post, I appreciate it. =]
I feel much better now. Just battling sinus one day at a time now. The crazy weather here itsn't helping either. At the beginning of this week, it felt like summer...now we're having winter like rainy weather. *sigh* Eh, thats expected here though.
Not too much happened this week. The main event was meeting Mr. N's padre, which I briefly mentioned. I wasn't too nervous...Mr. N said there wasn't much to worry about. You always have the thought: "What if he/she/they don't like me?" on your mind. Unless, you feel super-confident in the parental department. I haven't had a problem with parentals before, God forbid I start, but I'm just paranoid like that. Haha. It turned out to be really nice. Mainly, he busted Mr. N's chops, as he predicted. Haha. They played a few rounds a ball together and Mr. N kept missing his three. He usually makes those. His Dad was putting him on blast. Saying, "Yeah, he usually does, but his "cheerleader" is here." Hilarious.
After they played a few rounds of ball, we went back to his Dad's place and had dinner. I was worried cause they just got a new "puppy." I'm scared of dog I don't really know. Puppies tho, I'm not really too afraid of. Just takes some warming up. They open the door, I tell you...that dog was no puppy! Haha. He was a friendly dog though. I was a little nervous at first, but I was good after a while. Which was good, cause he tend to come around me more. He was a nice, shaggy, cute, and somewhat relaxed dog so we got along. Haha.

Hope everyone has been doing well. I know a few of you will be/are out on spring break. Have fun, but be safe. =]
Post up later about the weekend.



Yesterday, a fever came out of nowhere! I'm having chills as I type right now. I've took the last of my NyQuil! ;[ Sigh. 
I did meet Mr. N's padre today. I would type more, but I'm starting to feel worse...
Post Up Later.



Yes, I Have Been A Slackerrr...
...I haven't updated like I wanted. I think the Florida air did it to me.
I did notice I have 40 followers!
Well 39...all the same, I feel honored! =]
Yes, I am reading up on you gals/guys too.

As for the rest of my spring break...
   Friday, we got up
and headed to the beach! I was soooo excited. I have been trying to get to the beach for so long. First, we made a stop to Wal-Mart to pick up a bathing suit for my friend. Lo and behold, I ended getting new suit too! I was on the fence about getting it. I mean, I loved the colors! It was a one piece with the sides out. I have been looking for one of these for a while. The only thing that made me hesitate was the price, $20. Yes, I am a frugal buyer...I admit it. However, I gave in and bought it.
To make myself feel better, I'm going to consider this as a good investment.
   Eh, the weather nor water was as warm as I wanted it to be. I mean, our spring break is so early. We had a good time anyway. That is, until I saw two jellyfish. I stayed out of the water after that. It was cool tho, I had my share of splashing around. We took a lot of pictures! We stayed until after sunset, by then it was getting too chilly for comfort. Pretty awesome day. The rest of the trip we basically ate, rode around, and tripped out. Goodtimes.
   Saturday, during the drive back to school, I started to feel a little homesick. I didn't get to spend much time at home as I would of liked. I don't get to go back much at all because of work. Hm. Anywho, Mr. N came to see me after I got back to my dorm. I missed him so. Hehe. =] I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him because I had to work at 2AM. =\ He came to visit me the next day tho...
...and guess who has an awesome boyfriend now? =]


Spring.Break: Day 3-4

Yeah, So Its Been A Day Or Few...
...since I lasted updated, but that should be kind of expected since my spring break has picked up on pace. So, now that I have the time, I decided to post. Sooo Wednesday night, I went back to Ga Southern, went to the mall, and hung out a little. I picked up two bras for $4.99 each! Scoooore. Once I got back home, which was around 10-11PM, my Bestest-M came by. I misses him so, he is the best. I spent most of the night updating my iTunes, tripping out with him, and getting ready for the long journey the next day. [Tifton to Panama City.] I didn't get in the bed til 3AM, I had to be on the road by 7AM.
    So, Thursday morning, I hugged my Moms "see-you-later" and headed to Tifton. Freaking MAPQUEST had me soooooo lost. Grrr. My roomie's mom came to the rescue. =] I made it there in like 2-3 hours. Then the roomies and I loaded up and head to Panama City. Took us 3 1/2 hours, but it was worth it! So we checked in and got settled. Soon, we got ready for dinner at Red Lobster. My friends said the waiter had an eye for me, I thought he was just trying to earn his tip. Anywho, I have tons of pictures, even one of the waiter! I will have to post up later.
   I will post up about today (Spring Break: Day 5) sometime later. =]
Smile! =]


Spring.Break: Day 2

Tuesday: Numero Uno
    It was quite nice. I awoke to some tasty bacon. =] Grandma is the best. After a while, I went a paid bills for Grandma and my Moms. Pretty easy stuff. I even managed to pick up some fingernail polish and candy from the store. After dinner, I headed to Ga Southern, my previous college, to visit my homies. It was so cool. I didn't get to see everyone. I was planning on going back today. Mainly, to go see if I can find some pants for my mom at the mall. I failed to do so yesterday.
    It was cool catching up on the times tho. I didn't get to try out that Street Fighter 4, which is another reason for me to go back. Hm. Also, I didn't get to see everyone, and I said I would come back...
    Sigh, I really don't feel like going back. I just want to nap! I really don't feel like visiting anyone. I know I need to tho. If they hear I was in town and I don't at least try to see them, I would probably never hear the end of it. Oh! My Bestest-M is in town. He is about the only person I really want to see. Sighhhhh.
    Well, we will see how it goes. I was planning on heading out at 3PM, but forget that! I'm bouts to get a good nap in. I tell you, if my mom didn't want those pants, I would keep my happy-self right here.
    Ps. Yes, I still miss Mr. N. Hehe. =] But I did get to talk to him yesterday, so yay for that!


Spring.Break: Day 1

Making My Way Downtown...
Driving Fast, Faces Pass and I'm Home-bound..
   Haha, Yeah. So...Monday: I finally woke up around 1PM and left my Unc-E's place to head back to my dorm and pack my things. Traffic picks up around 4ish, so I had to be swift. I should of packed and brought my things to my Unc's with me...would of made life much easier.
   Once I got to my dorm, a friend of mine called wanting to go to the mall. She sounded so bored, I felt kind of bad. Everyone one she called was busy or gone for spring break. Anywho, her birthday is coming soon, so I'll make up for that later. I carried on to my room and tried to pack lightly. Its so hard for me to do. I rarely have one bag. I like to have choices. Haha. I made it out with only two bags: one for clothes, other for shoes.
   At 3PM, I hit the road and started my 3 hour trip home. I did make a stop to Wendy's tho. Shoot, I was hungry. Haha. The ride was pretty smooth. No complaints. Got to my Grandma's, I was kind of sleepy tho. M mom soon called wanting something to eat. However, I didn't make it to the house quick enough for her and she had warmed up left overs. Made me feel bad... =\ She did give me her coupon for Subway, so I ate goooood. Italian B.M.T!!! Yum-my!
   My friends and I had a phone conference, making some preparations for the end of the week. I hope it works out. I got to talk to Mr. N for a little while, but he called while I was on the other end planning, so it wasn't as long as I liked. Later that night, he tried to call back, but something wacky was going on with his phone. Hopefully, its working today.
Post up laterrr.



It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas...
...with alllll of the lovely snow!
   I awoke around 1PM to a text from my friend. I look outside my window and her words were true! It was snowing!!! And to think, I was gonna leave a day early (Sunday) to go home. I would have missed out. I know some people don't get excited about snow or hate it for that matter. Eh, I love it! Where I'm from, you only see snow every 10 years, if then. If it does snow, most times it doesn't stick. Today was the second day in my life I had a snow fight! Exciting stuff I tell you.
  I wished my roomies were there so we could go play in it, but they had already left to go home for spring break. Kind of ironic, snow on spring break, I know. So, I decided to head to my Unc-E's so I could enjoy the snow with my little cousins. I was kind of nervous driving in it, but it was cool and sooo pretty. Although my little cousin had slipped and chipped her front tooth before I got there, she was a trooper and still wanted to go outside with me. We had a snow fight, ate snow flakes, made snow angels. We even made a snowman too...well snow-duck-thingy. =]
It's leaning a little, but that only makes it more cool. Haha.
  Soon, my other lil cousin came home. By that time, it got superrrr windy outside. He hit me in the face with a bad snowball. That jive had my cheek red! I should of known better. Haha. I got a hit or two in too though. I just got my hair done Friday, but thats kind of ruined now. Oh well, thats the price I'm willing to pay for an awesome snow day.

Home Sweet Home...
    Tomorrow, I should be heading home. It will officially be jump-starting my spring break. I can't wait to be with my Grandma and my Moms! Hehe. Get on their nerves a little bit, they have been deprived for too long. Haha. Although Ima miss Mr. N, I will be happy to go home!!! I usually have people I want to visit, but never get around to all of them. We'll see how it goes this time around.
   I should be sleep now so I could be ready for the road. My sleeping routine is a little off, plus, I want something sweet to eat. =/ Sigh. Guess I'll try to get some shut-eye now. Later days!