As I promised, if I got to get in the preview for the new release Star Trek, I would let you all know how it was. As a girl who never was into Star Trek before, I would give this movie:
    Yes! It was really good! I mean, I have an appreciation for action movies. This also had a tweek of romance and drama too. Despite all that, I think it was very successful because it made me want to learn more about the whole Star Trek saga. I want to be a "Trekker" too! Haha. It has many familiar faces in the movie, including Zoe Saldana and Tyler Perry! Yes, I said Tyler Perry. Hehe. There is also an appearance from one of the OG's, original characters, of Star Trek. So, if you like action/drama/sci-fi give it a try. I actually plan to see it again, which is a rare thing indeed!
Live Long and Prosper


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Im going to check it out.

.rawkii said...

Cool! I don't think you shall be disappointed. =]

Anonymous said...

I can't wait, def. gonna watch it tonight.