Yeah so, one week til my Birthday! [Just thought I would put that out there. Hehe.]
Today has been pretty nifty. I actually got up around like 11AM, which means I only got a few hours of sleep. Thats part of the plan though. My Bestest-F came over soon and we got ready to head out. She was treating me to Applebee's for a Late Mother's Day gift. Yeah, she is awesome like that. Haha.
It was all good. Then we stopped in a TJ Maxx, it had just opened and I was ready to conquer. Well, maybe not "conquer", cause I don't have that type of cash right not. I didn't come out empty handed. I would post of the pictures, but that would require for me to get up, place out the clothes, take pictures, upload...that just a lot right now. I'm trying my best to stay up til 10:30 so I can start to sleep at a normal hour.
I shall post up later though. Also, I got some e.l.f. foundation a while back and I tried it out today. I bought two shades, cause I couldn't decide, plus they were just a $1 each. I rarely wear foundation, but I figured its something I should have in the make-up bag, just-in-case. Plus, it was cheapo!
Oh yeah, so after talking to my Homie-P, I'm 95% sure that I am going to stay at my current college. I'm quite satisfied with that decision. Mr. N agreed to go with me apartment hunting in a week or so. So yeah.

P.S. You know, like the N.E.R.D. song... I'm starting to think maybe, just maybe the laugh's on me and life was telling me a joke...its funny right?

Not really. =\


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Hey do you ever see any E.L.F. Studio Line down there? =D
But I'm sooo with you on the foundation I never worn it until I got this mineral sample. lol

So you're staying in ATL?!