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Thanks to you all. =]

This past weekend, my Moms, Grandma, and I went to Alabama to visit my sister. It was quite great. I got some niiiiiice shopping in, made some nifty finds. [You know I'm pretty cheap-cheap.] =] I would of taken pictures, but I'm too lazy. So yeah, maybe later?
Even thought I got a satisfying amount of purchases, it made me miss that paycheck I was receiving during the school year. Unemployment is not what is up. So I'm on the job hunt. Applied to a few locations today. Also, I think I find a place I will like to stay next year. Lord willin', I may be getting a loft! My dream come true. Whooo, it feels like I got a lot on my plate that I need/want to accomplish this summer.

Summer Goals:
1. Find an apartment for Fall semester.
2. Find a job.
3. Get back to my comfortable weight. [I don't even want to go there...]
4. Go to the beach and/or Pennsylvania.
5. Make a final school choice.

How about you? What are your summer goals, if any?


Rai said...

Secure a new job over the summer and go on a vacation!!

I want to go to Florida. =D

.rawkii said...

Woot for vacations.
Hopefully, my sister and I will be hitting up the beach this month.

Jervis said...

good luck, I wish u achieve all your goals

.rawkii said...

Thanks. =]

Whatcha Nameis said...

CAR, AUTOMOBLIE, VEHICLE, MINIVAN, SCOOBYDOO MYSTERY VAN, ICE TRUCK, SMARTCAR, moped . . lol something equalivant to that. oh and a pet ! a job, going to the beach, going to visit friends in va, spending a fourth of july with people i really love, deciding what i want to do with my life so far, getting classes at a school closer to "home" and makin' my own mula.

your plans are nice. best wishes!

.rawkii said...

Haha. Jinkies, you're super ambitious! I like it! I wish you well. =]