I feel a bit better emotionally, thank you to those posted the "get well"s. Haha. I mean, there is still things on the brain, but I find it to be a little useless to be the only one stressing issues. I mean, if the other person is not making an effort to resolve the issue, I refuse to just stand under the rain cloud. If they are willing to say "bye", I got to suck it up and say "bye" and walk away. I know this may make no sense, but yeah... Haha. So to cure all my troubles, I've been taking doses of Otis and The Delfonics. Oldies are the best! =]
    Anywho, despite a downfall, here and there, I really enjoyed my weekend home. In two weeks I will be back and I'm excited about that. I hope to get plenty of rest. As for this go-round, I got some little shopping in...
Everything but the jeans [Its Fashion] are from Rue 21. 
The shirts were $5 each, the jeans were $11. 
Thats actually the back side of the shirt at the left.
Yeah, one earring is missing, but it was on sale and I will only wear one at a time anyway.
My mom told me I needed to wear more heels so my arch won't drop. =\ 
These were just $10, so why not?
Yeah, so shopping was delightful. 



Just in time, I finally found something that really lifted my spirits! In turn, I must thank GOD, cause HE is pretty awesome. What has me sooo excited? My big cuz...
Congrats Jaimie
Drafted by the Colts!!!
I'm so proud. He really wanted this so bad.
All the hard work and faith paid off in the end. =]



    This is purely ri-di-cu-lous. I intended to go home, enjoy the fam, be with my two bestest friends, and basically relax. Yeah I did, it has been great! However, I forgot about the downtime. What's crazy is my Twinnie and I just had a discussion about it earlier this week. I'm fine as long as I have something to occupy my mind, but once I'm idle in thought, there it goes. I sit and just think away, which is usually not a good thing. I hate sounding weary on the blog so much. I usually pull it off. I'm pretty optimistic for a pessimist. =] But I need some type of outlet though, somewhere I can take off the mask. Sorry to my followers, I promise the "sunshine" me will be back shortly. Its just one of those days--well nights. Right now...
...to be honest, I just wish he was here.



    Summer is so freaking close I can almost feel the rays and taste the delight! Yesss. So two tests down, three more to go. Not too shabby. Only test I'm really worried about is my Art History exam. Ima pray for the best tho. For my fellow scholars, hope the last few weeks of school are swell! =] I'm counting down the day, as you can see at the top right. I actually am going to make a list of things or goals for this summer. Do something productive with my life. Haha.
Hm, Ima post that up later.

   I was planning on going home, but that didn't quite work out. I think I will vlog about that later, too much to type. Thank the Heavens, I'm safe tho. Ima leave at 5 or 5:30AM though, which means, I need to get some shut eye. Post Laterrr.



    From experience, I feel that someone must have some type of power over you if they can make you cry, angry, or instantly fill you with happiness. No matter the distance or the time that sets you two apart, they may still have that ability. Love almost make this power infinite. No matter who comes along or what happens, sometimes, there will be that one person who has acquired enough of your energy, of your love, that they will forever be apart of you. There will always be connection. 
    This could be a very dangerous situation if it is not equally mutual, abused or taken for granted. That is why it is so important that you are mindful to whom you invest your time, love, and energy. However, if the feelings and power is equally shared...it can be a very beautiful thing.



First Video Bloggg!
It's not the greatest, but eh...
Its late, I'm bored and distressed and this is a product all of that.
Enjoy =]

If you have any advice on how to get some clarity, let me know. =]


I got a text today...guess who it was from...
     Yes, I'm super-di-duper hyped because I've been missing him so! He was gone for training to get set for Iraq in September. =\ He is looking forward to going. Me, on the other hand, I'm not looking forward to it. He says he wants to go ahead and do his "duty." He doesn't like sitting around. Figures, for a Marine. I've already began to pray for his safe return home and to me! Anywho, I've already got my shifts covered for the weekend so I can go home and spend time with him before he is off to training again. I'm excited. Plus, I've been wanted to go home. Hitting two birds with one stone. 

     So starting today, I need to stay focused to end the school year right. This week is our last week of class, next week finals. I have 2 tests this week and 3 next week. Not too shabby. After that, I will be staying at my Unc-E's until Mr. N's birthday [May 7th]. Then, I shall be heading back home for the summer. This summer seems like it will be pretty neat. June 20th I shall be heading to Harrisburg, Penn. P.A. Stand up! Hehe. It's been a while since I've been up there to visit the fam. What are your summer plans?


I was tagged by my Twinnie, sooo here goes...

What is your current obsession?
 Wonka's Mini Chewy Sweettarts. They are my crack!
What is your weirdest obsession? I like to randomly write words on piece of paper til I fill the entire page.
What are you wearing today? Skinny jeans, "throwback" sweatshirt, flats
What’s for dinner today? Subway =]
What would make today special? If I was granted a full-ride scholarship for the rest of my college-career.
What would you like to learn to do? How to play the guitar, like Robin Thicke or Carlos Santana.
What’s the last thing you bought? A sub...
What are you listening to right now? Brand New - Drake
What is your favourite weather? Fall weather: Cloudy skies and slight breezes...drizzles are a plus! =]
What is your most challenging goal right now? Staying focused and finding an apartment.
What do you think about the person who tagged you? She's freakin' awesome. She is my long-distance Twinnie. [Hey, we've known each other going on 2 years I think! Wow]
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Japan [ko-ni-chi-waaaa!]
What would you like to have in your hands right now? My son. =\

What would you like to get rid of? I would liek to ge rid of all the disease, hunger, and wars in the world. [Feel like I'm Miss Congeniality, Haha]
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Anyone has the current location of Pharrell or Travis McCoy?
Which language do you want to learn? Japanese, taking it next fall. Wish I could retain the Chinese and Spanish I've learned too.
What do you look for in a friend? A person I can truly trust and simply have a blast with on any given day.
Who do you want to meet in person? Pharrell Williams! If you seem him, tell him I've been looking for him.
What’s your favourite type of music? I have a various range, but the Oldies are the BEST! Jinkies, Moms had it good.
What is your favourite piece of clothing you own? My black vest or the sweatshirt I have on currently.
What is your dream job? Magazine layout editor! Woot! Woot!
Any favourite models? Danielle Evans and Tyra
If you had £100 now what would you spend it on? Hm, clothes or save it for something better.
REPLACEMENT QUESTION: What is your favorite movie?: A Bronx Tale
Fashion pet peeve? People who are always putting someone else down! You sunshine killers you!
Do you admire anyone’s style? Zoe Kravitz and Solange
Describe your personal style: Um...it is ever changing as my moods. Some days I'm girly other days, no. Mainstream skinny jeans tho.

What's your favorite television show?: Sex and the City or A Different World [Yeah, I took it backkk]
New! What is your favorite color?: Black

Okay, here's the rules
1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog,
2. Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
3. Tag eight other people.

1. kmx | Araika Eanomi
2. Chavo



    Yeah, yeah...so on my way to my Unc-E's I passed by a billboard. Guess what event is coming to Atlanta next month! The Exotic Dancer National Championships!  *Cue Kilo - "Nasty Dancer"* I found that to be quite interesting. I will admit, I was thinking about it on the rest of the way there. I mean, that would definitely be a very unique competition. If I were an exotic dancer, that would probably be a highlight of the year for me. More so, would I compete? Hmm. Anywho, boredom and curiosity led me to google and see what it was all about. After you get past the whole naked-ity aspect, you notice it requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. Yeah, I'll leave that to the professionals. Plus, I don't have a double name ready like Katarina Kat [top contender] or Rachelle Laree... 
    I remember there was women pole-dancing at a club I was at once. I know I was suppose to be all grossed out, but I couldn't help but wonder, "Jinkies, how/where did she learn how to do that?!" Afterwards, my roomie said they were passing out flyers for lessons. I was kind of disappointed I didn't get one. Haha. I can imagine me having my on personal pole, at home of course, attempting to perform for my husband/significant other. Trying to be sexy and then bust my butt or something. Hahaha. 



    Woot! Sooo, its been a while since I had a good enough read to blog about. Lo and behold, my sister has came to the rescue. I didn't think it would be possible to find vampire-book, that I would enjoy, after I finished the Twilight series. However, Dead Until Dark is quite delightful. It started off kind of slow, but soon it was hard to put down. So last night I ordered the 7-book box set. =] It should be coming in around Monday... yes, happiness in a box. HBO also has a series based from this book called True Blood, I want to check that out.    
     Yes, I love vampires, they are my favorite monsters.
 After seeing Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, it was a done deal. Girls may talk about being "bad," but Aaliyah (R.I.P.) in Queen of the Damned was baddd. [Notice the extra 'd's.] She was beyond gangster. I mean aside from the whole damned, living dead, blood-lusting aspects of them, they are quite interesting and sinfully sexyyy.  
Eh, maybe its just me... *looks to the right* ...and thats fine with me.



    Today is pretty simple. I only had one class, got some subway, and soon I should be getting my nap in. It's just that, its hard to fully enjoy happiness when you see people around you are going through. If only it was a simple as sprinkling some of your happy-sparkles on the person and its all better. Things are not that simple though. Hm. Energy is contagious and instead of spreading mine, I think I'm catching the blue-bug again. I got things I need to do and thoughts I need to work out. I feel kind of bad cause there are things and people I have neglected these past months. 
    I need to get my feelings in order. I don't know what it is about the month of April, but there is an unusual high frequency of people who want to make a come back in my life. The same people who, in some form or fashion, neglected me in past. Just when I thought it was all clear, here they come clouding my vision. The one I expect to rescue me from contemplation obviously can't hear my distress calls, the line must be cut...



Once I Got The E-mail Alert...
from the mailroom that I had a package, I practically hopped down two flights of stairs. Partially from excitement and fear that the mailroom was about to close. I got there in time tho. [It closes at 8PM, not 6PM.] Something about getting anticipated packages that makes ya all giddy. Haha. =] It's was the giveaway I won from Rai. Yayyyy!
She had soooo many goodies in there! I was totally hyped!!!
Thanks again Rai!!!



Woot! It's Thursday!
My Bestestest and the crew is on the way here. I'm hyped!
We're definitely jumping out the window with this one. Haha. =]
Also, my package I won from Rai's 200 Followers Giveaway came todayyy! She was goood to me. I will post pictures of the goodies laterrr.

So basically, I decided to get a tad dolled up and try the e.l.f. Ivy eyeshadow combo I got a week or so back. It's a simple look. Plus, I'm just a beginner at this make up thing, so yeah... Anywho, here are the shots.
This is becoming a fav new duece pose. Haha.
My camera is not the best for this kind of shot, but eh...
I love big hair. =]
Well, I'm off to my Unc-E's for some good food.
Hope you had/have an awesome day too. =]



Days Like This, I Wish...
...I had one of these. We totally had snow flurries today...in April! Then its suppose to be 70-something degrees tomorrow. Craziness. Anyway, The North Face has some of the comfiest jackets I've seen. Only problem is they are so gosh darn pricey! =\ One day, one day I tell you...I will enjoy the fleece pleasures of my very own jacket. So...If anyone knows where I can find them discounted, fill me in.  =]

and it feels sooo good. Haha. Yesterday, Mr. N and I got to spend some much needed Q.T. I hadn't seen him in so long...a week. Haha. I got accustomed to seeing him 2-3 a week, so yeah. I love how we are able to talk out our issues. This is a major aspect that lacked in most of my past relationships. It clears up misunderstandings and avoids problems further down the road. It feels good to get things off the chest. I didn't get any sleep until he left, which is the main reason I slept past my first class.

Speaking of Class...
My speech class nominated me to perform my speech in the university's speech contest. I. AM. NERVOUS. I mean, I don't know...most likely I am going to do it... Yeah, I am going to do it. I mean, there are cash prizes involved too. *sigh* Ahhh, I'm going to just pray for the best. 



So Its Colder In April...
...than it was on Christmas. I guess thats Georgia weather for ya. It was pretty breezy today. Speaking of breezy, the day was pretty easy. I only had one class, the second was cancelled. Sadly, it wasn't for a good reason...never really is I guess. My professor is pregnant and she said she was cramping and was kind of freaking out [on the inside, she wasn't openly spazzing.] So we gave her a paper and marker to make a sign with. People kept coming and talking to her. I'm like, PEOPLE the lady needs to get to the doctor. Two of em even had the audacity to ask for some papers that she was suppose give back today. Couldn't believe it. *smh* I e-mailed her, I hope everything is okay. =[

Hometown Glory
 I called my Grandma yesterday and in the midst of me asking what she was doing, she says, "It's lonesome, Amber." Man, that jive just makes me wanna hop in the car and make that 3 hour drive to give her some company. I mean, I just think, throughout the years that house usually be full. I mean, even when my mom, my sis and I moved, Grandaddy was there. Plus, we would come practically everyday. Now, that he has passed and we're out of town...there is no one there who comes around much. All that open space only leaves time for thought and memories. I would be lonesome too. Shoot, sometimes, I feel lonesome even when I'm amongst people. I feel pressure behind the tear ducts and I'm a little emotional right now, so Ima stop here. I just...hate for her to feel that way. =\
Anywho, how was your Monday?



Yes, Pharrell Williams
hit 36 today!
Happy Birthday Love!

"Worth It".Weekends

Home of the Braves.    
    So, Friday...no class. =] My roommates and I went to a Braves baseball games. One of my roomie's brothers was singing the national anthem with his school at the game. We all came in support. It was a little too cold for comfort, but after I got me some nachos, it was better. We jigged and did the chants. Haha.
Afterwards, we went to Chili's. Gotta love friends who help you 
when your money flow is low. =] Anywho, one of my roomies and I shared a triple-dipper meal. Surprisingly, I was full off of it too! Then we headed back to the dorm and I laid down for a nap before work...and over-slept my shift. =\ Yeah. Thankfully, Mr. N called, thinking I was just getting off, and woke me up so I could call my supervisor right away. He just laughed at me. =] I don't make a habit of it so I guess its no biggie.    
Saturday, my roomies and I headed to the cookout held at my dorm. They also had plate we could decorate and break to let off some steam from school or our personal lives. After I decorated mine, I decided not to break it. It's sitting on my desk right now. Haha. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to the park. There was sooo many people though, so we soon left. It was cool, we just went to another cookout held at the other dorms. =] So yeah...I ate goood.
    Later, we went with my roomie to go see her mom and bro at a friend of the family's house. Her house is soooo nice. Tall ceilings, walking closets, surround sound throughout the house, etc... After a virgin strawberry decory with whip cream and good old school music, we were jammin' and dancing. Haha. Sadly, I had to work...eh, it went by pretty quick.
    Now I'm about to head to Unc-R's to get some food. Post laterrr.



Oh Yessss! I Can Breathe Easier.
    This was the busiest week of my semester. I had something big due or exam everyday this week. Thank the heavens, I got through it! Today, I had to do my speech. I was super nervous, but once I got up there and made the people laugh...I was good. With the help of a few friends, I had made a video to accompany my speech as visual aid. It was hilarious.
Two of my friends (actors) in the video. Haha.
    I know I should have updated more, and I plan on it, but this week has been something major. I'm feeling good though. Hope you are too. Now, as for the rest of the day...I will be engaged in well deserved 4-5 hour nap. When I wake up, a visit from Mr. N would be nice. Yes. Eh, either way, I'm smiling. =] Catch ya'll on the flip side.