Lately, I have been really learning a lot about having faith in God. Don't worry, I'm not about to preach or anything, I'm just saying. I was really feeling low a few weeks ago. However, things picked up, I really began to appreciate the good times. I'm a pessimist though, so the thought of "I'm sure the good times are bound to end soon" have popped up in my head. It's not very helpful. Plus, I'm starting to really see how if you look for bad things, you will find them. I need to work on that.
Just yesterday, it felt like the rain was starting to come in. Even today I'm dealing with clouds, but I think it's a test. A test to see, if I will put to use the things I have learned about having faith and thinking positively. I tell you, some bummy things have happened, but I'm going to pray and keep hope alive. I still have things to be thankful for. There are people in far more worse situations as I. If there is a problem, I must give to Him and ask for guidance. I know these things. It's time I incorporate them into my actions.

With that being said,
I hope things are going well for you all.
I have read some of your blogs and I know, from time to time,
We all encounter set-backs or whatnot.

Just keep smiling you gals/guys. =]

"Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end."



I'm on a blogging frenzy, eh? Hehe. Anywho, I also was contemplating whether I should cut my bang back or not. I was going to do a poll about it, but I figured it probably wouldn't be successful. So, last night, I went for it. Here is the outcome! I'm happy. =] Also, I was looking for a glosser to use when I flat-iron my hair so it wouldn't be too dry. I found Luster's Pink Glosser. I like it! It does the job, plus this it smells soooo nice! Like perfume, actually!
In Other News...
Also, I just found out who Ryan Leslie is. I had heard his song "Addiction" before, but I didn't know who sung it. I know, I'm pretty late. He's pretty nice. I tell you I've kind of had his song "Gibberish" on repeat. Its a different approach to singing lyrics, thats for sure. Haha. Amy Winehouse, I have a new-found respect for her. I only heard bits of her rehab song, but I dug deeper and she is awesome. She has substance to her songs. I especially love this song.


Well, not exactly. Thursday, my mom told me I had received a letter from my Bestest-M, he is in the Marines. I found this kind of strange. Although he is going through training, he is able to communicate via cell. Actually, I had talked to him just the day before. So, she said she would double check when she got home.
However, B.D. [baby daddy] had just left for basic training for the Marines this month. I had gave him my address, but we kind of ended on a bad note during our last conversation. I figured that "goodbye" would be our last. That didn't keep me from wondering if it was actually from him. I had been wondering how he was doing. I asked his twin brother, but when he texted me, he never answered my question.
When my mom called back, she told me it was in fact from B.D. I can not lie, I could of cried. Right on the spot. I was so happy. I know, I know...there are many things that need to be worked out between us. I know I've said I was done with him. Etc. Also, I do know I love him, always will. Crazy, I know, I haven't even read the letter yet. Despite all the reasons I shouldn't care, I do.
My Moms has sent it off. I'm sooo anxious for it to get here! I was thanking her repeatedly for sending it right away. She said, "Oh gosh!"
I replied, "I know, its crazy right? I shouldn't be acting like this, huh?"
She then said, "It's alright girl. He's your first love."
Yeah, he is.


For the past few days, I have been pretty happy. They have been going sooo well. Thank the heavens. So, Thursday my Homie-B and I went back to the apartment place. He is looking for a place as well. I thought to take pictures this time. =]
Living Room/Bedroom
The Smallest Kitchen Ever [Which I Love]
Closet, yeah you can fit a desk in there!
There it is. I need to let one of my Unc's check it out before I sign anything, but they don't know I'm planning on staying alone. =\ Actually, the only ones who know are my Moms and my big sis. I know if I tell my Unc's, they will leak it to my Grandma and that will be mess-y! She don't like the idea of an apartment at all, if she found out I will be living alone, she would spaz. Sigh, man. I don't want her worrying, ya know.
Anywho, it feels great to get things done. Oh! The interview Wednesday went better than I thought it would. I freakin' hate interviews. Everyone says, "Just be yourself." I get that, its just when they ask questions, my ability to word my thoughts correctly seem to cease. Haha...hm. =| All I can do is just pray about it now tho.
How is your summer going?
Did any of you gals/guys who had goals planned reach any?
Whats going on?
[feel like I haven't talked to you in ages, haha.]



Meet Robin, my guitar, I miss him. =\
orry. I have been slack on bloggin' on here lately. I apologize, to followers new and old. Lately, I've been dealing with a few setbacks and trying to get things set for Fall. As I mentioned before, I got goals to reach this summer.
Yesterday, I went to check out the studio apartment. You guys, I think I am in love. =] Haha. I really believe this is where I wanna be. I should of taken pictures. Yeah, so the smallest room is the kitchen. I mean, its one of those small kitchens you only see in the movies. I think that is why I love it! Its just right for me. I don't cook...all I need is a microwave and boom! I'm ready. =]
As for the rest of the apartment: the bedroom and the livingroom is combined into one. Oddly, I don't mind. Nice sized walk in closet! I mean, I love it! I plan on get my application in this week and have that squared away.
Tomorrow, well this morning I have a interview for a job. [Pray for me!] I know, I should be sleep, but these butterflies are reckless. I'm hoping for the best. My Homie-S really helped me out with this one. I wouldn't have this interview if it wasnt for him. He is awesome. It is good to have friends ya'll.
I'm so happy things are starting to look up for me. Thank God, you know. I've been feeling like the "black sheep." [long story] Now, I feel like I'm really on track again. =]

Hope you're on a good path too.

P.S. I'm on tumblr. Check it out when you got nothing to do. =]



How can you put a limit on how soon is too soon to love someone?
I know many times I have questioned myself, "Is it too soon?" Feeling unsure, every time the word is about to slip from my tongue, I surrender and replace it with "like." However, "like" isn't the word I'm feeling; its something a little bit more than that...
...but is that "little bit" enough to deserve the word: Love.



I have 80 + 2 followers!
Thanks to you all. =]

This past weekend, my Moms, Grandma, and I went to Alabama to visit my sister. It was quite great. I got some niiiiiice shopping in, made some nifty finds. [You know I'm pretty cheap-cheap.] =] I would of taken pictures, but I'm too lazy. So yeah, maybe later?
Even thought I got a satisfying amount of purchases, it made me miss that paycheck I was receiving during the school year. Unemployment is not what is up. So I'm on the job hunt. Applied to a few locations today. Also, I think I find a place I will like to stay next year. Lord willin', I may be getting a loft! My dream come true. Whooo, it feels like I got a lot on my plate that I need/want to accomplish this summer.

Summer Goals:
1. Find an apartment for Fall semester.
2. Find a job.
3. Get back to my comfortable weight. [I don't even want to go there...]
4. Go to the beach and/or Pennsylvania.
5. Make a final school choice.

How about you? What are your summer goals, if any?