A Town Down.
Yeah, just had to represent. I've been in Atlanta since Monday, feels like I've been going non-stop. Once I made it, I chilled with Mr. N for the remainder of the day. It felt so weird, cause usually I'm not pressed to return to my dorm at a certain hour, but since I was staying with my Unc, it was a tad different.
Tuesday, Mr. N and I went apartment hunting. It wasn't the most successful outing, but I did find one potential place. Mr. N's dad was saying his apratment complex was nice and affordable, so I may check that out later this week.
Today, I went with my big cuz. She wanted me to ride with her to pay for the bartender classes in June. Isn't that cool? Jinkies, I bet that will be fun. Anywho, before we set out we stop at subway, and when she grab her cup she got two and decided to keep the extra. Theifin'! Haha, but karma got her a**. When she went to crank her car, it did not start...all because of the cup. Haha. It was cool 5 minutes later, it crank and we were on our way.
Later, after we prepared dinner. Mr. N met my uncles and whatnot for the first time. It went smoothly...no biggie really. I was really hoping him and my little cuz would of gotten a chance to duke it out on the court. I would like to see who would of won, but all them gyms were closed. So much for that. =\

So that basically sums up the week...

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