So, I'm pulling a Donell Jones right about now. I have no freaking idea where I wanna be. I know I mentioned previously in my blog about me returning to my previous college. I was sooo sure. Mainly because I know it was cheaper. After discussing the money issue with my Unc-E, I got that department covered. Now, the decision is really up to me and I'm on the fence... I'm so indecisive.
    Although, I wasn't as involved in my second college, I was beginning to finally get my foot in the door and dig in. I was starting to enjoy it there, you know get settled in. However, my first college is so convient and I was more involved, but do I really want to go back? Grr-age! If I'm not stressing about one thing, its another. I've tried comparing and all, but I'm still at a standstill. I've tried talking it out with others, still no help.
    I talked to my mom and so we came to the decision that I will wait and see how it will affect my credits. If I will lose too many credits, I will just stay at my current college, if not then I will go back to the first. *sigh* But why am I not satisfied with that process? I really feel like it needs to be a decision of desire. I need to find out where I wanna be...

P.S. My mom laughed and said, "If you stay, Mr. N is going to think you made all that up about leaving just to break with him." I replied, "Hmph, serves him right. I'm so disappointed in him."
I know, I should just get over it. I will, on my own time.
That jive hurted me, mayne, on the insides...the insides! Haha.
[I know "hurted" isn't a word.]


Rai said...

I love that song!
LMFAO @ "hurted" Why dh do these people in the south add an extra "ed" to words?!

.rawkii said...

Yeah, thats the jam.
Haha. I dont know. I must admit.
It feels good with the extra -ed.