Pardon me, but this is something I must release. The best word to describe what I feel is: defeated.
I'm tired of giving and holding on to people who do not show or give me the same care, respect and attention. I guess it is only fair for me to take half of the blame because when I look back I see all the red flags I ignored. The same red flags that foreshadowed what was to come.
Soon, I grow tired of it. Legs sore from the chase and heart disappointed when I look back and see no one is chasing after me. That is when I give up and when they say, "I've changed." When they finally realize what I gave them and start to miss it, its too late. By that point, I'm too tired to try to hold on any longer. I see no point.
At then end, they give that last hug or kiss and say, "It's been fun." or "It's been amazing." I smile and/or embrace back and reply, "Yeah, it has." or "I wish you the best." I'm not sure if that is the reaction they expect or not, doesn't matter. It comes a time when even the most gullible of people realize the truth.
In conclusion, that is explains the ending between the B.D. and The Baller. Fin.

Na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey goodbye!


Rai said...

Males are retarded.
I always had an ex randomly call me up and say that want me back. SMH! Feelings weren't mutual. lol

.rawkii said...

Haha. I tell you, April had to be "Attack of the Exs" month. =|

supreme. said...

boys are dumb, period.

.rawkii said...