...bring May flowers! 
Well, enough of my showers of sadness! Everything else in life is freaking great, so don't mind me if I just dwell on the bright things for a moment. =] Hehe. I'm all giddy, listening to The Isley Brothers "Summer Breeze". [I love the electric guitar in this song. Yeah!] 
    So today I was awoken by my celly. I had put in to be a Summer Instructor for the ETS program at the school I plan to go back to in the fall. Amber loves the kids. =] So anywho, they were calling to arrange an interview. Wish me luck! My freshmen year, I was an ETS Mentor during the academic year and I had a blast! So, I hope it leads back to my old Mentor job as well. That would be totally awesome.
Want to know what else is totally awesome?
    My Homie-B just rang me up. We were planning to hang out today. Lo and behold, at his job, they were giving free passes to go see the Star Trek movie today. Yes, dos dias before the release date! I'm so hyped right now. Man, looking on the bright side is quite rewarding. =] Seats are not guaranteed though, so we are going to try and get there early. I hope we can get in. If so, I shall let ya'll know how it goes. Hey, if we can't I don't mind hitting this cool thrift shop with him again. Pick up some goodies. Like I said, I will let ya'll know how it turns out. 
Pray & Put on a Smile Today

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