Just Got Paid, It's Friday Night...
    I meant to go out and shop on my own today. The time has flown by though. I think I'm bout to rush and put something on. Then maybe even treat myself to Applebee's! Yesss. N.B. just texted me, maybe he can come along. Then, I can get the 2 for $20 deal. Hmmm....
   As an early birthday [May 22] gift to myself, I was planning to buy this. Ima have to wait a week or two more, but I'm excited. =] I saw it on the commercial with Beyonce, but I wasn't sold til I played my little cousin's. So much fun and portable. Can you say fun on the go?
Speaking of that, here is my little cousin and I. I look cross-eyed or something for some reason in this and don't mind the off-key singing and my dance-face. Hehe. Who cares? We had fun! Enjoy.



Rai said...

ROTFLMAO! OMG! Why do you remind me too much of myself?! hahaha.

Your birthday is this month! I may have to send you a gift. *shifty look*

I wanted some AppleBee's. =[

.rawkii said...

Hahaha. Really?! Haha.

Yes ma'am. I shall be two decades old! Whoooa. Hehe.