Again & Another Again

My life soundtrack includes John Legend's Again and Another Again right now. =| Yesterday, I found myself back in the arms of my past. Yeah, you may have guessed it: Mr. N. Gahh! Why is it so hard to leave him alone? We fight and separate over the smallest of things. Elementary things!
Then sooner or later, we return.
Why do I miss him? I tell you, I looked at those pretty brown eyes yesterday and...sighhh.
Did I mention I confessed my love to him in a drunken state while I was in Orlando? I didn't? Oh, yeah, well...I did. I blame it on the alcohol. I remember it all, but when the drinks are poured, I feel free to say or do whats on my mind. It could have been worse. At least he said he loved me back. *shrugs*
So, yeah...like John said, "We're doing it again."

Can you sense my excitement?


A.Sharie said...

lol i love your life! you sound like me tho i vowed to cast OFF my past(s) i was goin back to those who didnt deserve it! but best of luck to you and Mr. N :) its a good look that he admitted he loved you too :) it could be the honesty that you all needed to move forward sanz the petty fights!

.rawkii said...

Haha. Thanks! Yeah, I reckon I will find out soon.