The Awkward Turtle Tales

Hm, I guess we can say the rainbows and infatuation stages have cleared. The white puffy clouds are gone. Now I'm laying under the blue sky. Still enjoying the sun though...still a pretty day.
What happened? Well...
Yesterday, Cb. and I were textin' it up as us-u-al. Then it goes a little something like this.
Cb.: Wait, I need to know how you want me...I'm confused.
Me: Wait, seriously? [Cause we play with each other all the time like we are cuddle buddies]
Cb.: lol yea

Me: I like you, but I don't feel like I know you well enough to want more than a friendship. I thought you just wanted a friendship?

Cb.: Oh okay. I was just making sure we were on the same page.

Cb.: Cause I don't want a relationship right now. lol

Me: Oh okay. Cool.

Me: So there weren't any misunderstandings at all.

Cb.: Right. Okay.
**Cue the awkward turtle who slowly walks in, flips on his back, and waddles there**
Now, I'm on a hard "fall back" mode. I do not like for my actions to seem fast or coming on too strong or be misinterpreted. Texting has come to an halt, unlike before. I refuse to bother him and when he texts, I don't know what to say really. My comfort zone has been shot. He use to call each night once he got off work and start up a text convo. once he made it home that lasted for hours. None of that. My friend says, I need to shake it off and just go on as before, but from her "Uh-oh," she knew I've enter that place of no return.
It was fun while it lasted. Didn't I know it though?! I told myself to just "enjoy these moments." Welp, they are gone...
So me and awkward turtle are going to resuming laying on our backs now. Good day.

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