While I Was Away

Whoa skipped a few days there. Thought I was giving up the blogging fight again?
Haha. No, I was in Florida at a family reunion for about a week. Reunited and it feels so goood.
What have I been doing? Well...
  • I got to see my cousin [one of my fav. cousins, shhh] who I had not seen in 7-8 years! Way too long, right? It was so nice to see him. =]
  • I went to the pool at least every other day for hours.
  • Got a nice tan, thanks to my pool activities and my cousin's bronzer.
  • I've been jet skiing. Fell off 4-5 times, which I still say was my cousin's fault. Haha.
  • Washed my hair everyday, which I've learned to make a 30 min process instead of 1-2 hour(s). Now I'm moisturizing.
  • Been away from the computer and fully entertained. Crazy right?
  • Danced with and almost kissed a girl and I liked it.
  • Drank my first 4loko. Caution!
  • Felt relaxed. It's been a while.
I need to do these things more often. Well, some of these things...

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