One Step Ahead

Today, my bestest friend came to my town for her birthday. So when I met up with them after they ate, I was looking for a place for us to go. I called the New Guy,
Please note, I just had a great time with him the night before. I loved how he took me to places I had never been before. Last night he took me to this diner/bar/karaoke place. Comfort level was awesome for it to be so soon. I reckon thats where I went wrong: Don't ever get too comfortable.
Back to tonight, I called the New Guy asked him for suggestion as to where to go. He said he didn't go out much. Understandable. I then said, "Yeah, I would have invited you to come out, but I was sure you were tired." *shrugs* We had a late night. He replies, "Yeah, I'm tired." Understandable.
After getting off the phone, I decided to take the group of us to the place he took me to last night. We had a blast! Danced and laughing. Just cutting rugs. Getting late, we walk out...take a few steps. Lo and behold, guess who car I see! -_-
Granted, we are not committed, so he can go as he pleases. But dude, telling me you're tired and you cutting it early, only to later be seen out. Sorry, it don't give me a good vibe. It may have been completely harmless, a last minute plan. But my eyebrow and suspicion has been raised.
Glad things panned out as they did, cause I needed that smack in the face. Its just a game out there; I almost forgot:
Always stay one step head.


Shantae said...

UGH. I hate when men do that crap. At the very least, don't lie. Just man up and tell it like it is.

.rawkii said...

Right. Almost wanted to hit him with a "C'mon son." -_-