"Promises are meant to be broken. So I wont do that to you."
Thats what he sent, after I asked for his assurance that he wouldn't make me feel like a bother. This is the guy from the BBQ. He insisted that hit him up if I wanted to see him. A role I don't normal take on.
For him to send this speaks volumes to me. I'm pretty big on promises. I was kind of testing him on it when I requested it. Time after time, I've seen guys make promises that they soon would break. I guess this should be expected since they say daughters usually date men like their dads.
Don't get me wrong. My Dad had lovely intentions, but intentions without action gets you know where. I love him despite "it all", which holds much more meaning than the 5 letters could ever let on.
Back to the previous "he": After assuring me his "word", being he was a man of his. I guess we'll see how much merit that holds. He actually end up texting me during my lunch break today. He actually wanted to see me and made it known. And I thought he would be a shy guy. We may end up meeting tonight, which would be nice. I need a pick-me-up, stat! Plus, he needs a nickname.
I bet he never would have thought that that one text would carry so much weight. Thats the thing, words can have so much more power and meaning to another individual. Gives weight to the saying "Lingering on your every word."


[$ H A R O N A] said...

i have to catch up on your blog but i do love what you've done with the design. lol brb

.rawkii said...

Thanks! Yes, come back ya hear. Haha.