7/7 = Happy Day!

...and I was sooo right. Thank the Heavens. =]
Some background things, my favorite number is 7...my line number is 7. So the moment I realized the date, I claimed today as great.
Let's talk about today's greatness, shall we?
  • First, I slept in as long as my hear desired. It was my day off. The monster of a headache I had last night was gone. No aleve. =]
  • Second, I was getting so many positive vibes from others. After a much needed charge, I cut on my phone and noticed my inbox was full. Cleared the old messages away and what arrived? A warming "I Love You" from N.B. [Yeah, he is still around.]
  • Third, I got to talk to my little bro today. He is my heart.
  • Fourth, I got a few things cleared and set to go for the newsletter I'm an editor for.
  • Fifth, I found out I was awarded first place for a scholarship I applied for! =D
  • Sixth, I found out my Uncle was doing better. He was put in the hospital.
  • Seventh, I ended the day tripping out and eating with my younger cousins. We joked and talked about yesteryears.
Like Ice Cube would say "Today was a good day." I believe it all stemmed from me claiming the positivity of the day. I remember being told in church once that when you pray, you should claim the things the want/need as yours. If you wish for better times, claim it as if you have it already. I thank the Heavens for all of the blessings today. Even if I may encounter some clouds tomorrow, I know I must claim the sunshine that is soon to come.

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