Scene It!

This weekend, I hit up the good ol' Redbox for some movie rentals. I was pleased with my selection.
Youth in Revolt: This movie was...different. A good different. =] For some reason I saw similarities in the main character Nick Twisp and Mr. N. He was kind of the reason I got it, I remember him asking if I saw it. It is definitely a movie I wouldn't go see with my mom. Awkwaaard. N.B. thought that it started kind of slow, but I enjoyed it from the beginning. Get up a gang of friends, maybe wine cooler, popcorn and sodas and have a good old time. Its a special treat for all of us with our very own alter egos. =D
Remember Me: The idea to get this movie came from N.B. I liked this movie as well. I was worried cause Rob Pattinson was in it. You know how it can be when you are use to an actor playing on character and it seems like any movie outside of that realm doesn't seem right. Well, no problem here. It reminded me of Seven Pounds, one of those real bittersweet movies. Emphasis on the bitter. I don't usually cry on movies, but the end was gripping...I teared up, no drops, but you know. Haha.

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