"If You're Troubled...

...you just got to let it go." - Troubles, Alicia Keys
I feel like I got so much going on. I'm trying, I really am, just to stay on top of it all. To not let all the responsibility and worry crush me. I despise feeling this way. I know it is not best to complain. God doesn't put more on us than we can bear. Plus, I know my troubles are far less than a lot of other people in the world. With opportunity come responsibility, I get that.
I'm just worried that I'm going to drop the ball and let myself, or worse, someone else down. I'm trying though...I'm trying.

My Grandma and Mom always told me, "Just do your best, thats all you can do."

SN: "Responsibility" is giving me such a hard time, it was the only word I repetitively misspelled in this post.


A.Sharie said...

I worry a lot too -- but at the end of the day you have to let go and let God, nothing given to you is something you cannot handle -- and your worry just means you care...so you will definitely take the necessary precautions to be sure that you get done what you need to get done. I'm confident you have everything you need -- and you will come out just fine! Just keep your head up -- and listen to that A.keys song ON REPEAT lol thats what i do -- and a few others.

.rawkii said...

Thank you so much. I got to stop letting these things pressure me like that. =]