The New Guy

I meant to write up about the "New Guy" and our date Tuesday night. [I will refer to him as NG until I come up with a more fitting nickname.] It was nice! I really enjoyed myself! We met at the chill Mexican restaurant. I really thought I would be the one doing all the talking, which would have been a drag. I was quite surprised with the wonderful conversation he had to offer.
We even talked past closing! He asked the waitress if we had to leave, she winked at us and said we were fine. Ha! Like something off a movie. We finally decided to exit, I still didn't want the night to end. I thought to suggest continuing our conversation in one of our cars, but I didn't want to push it. Luckily, he soon offered the idea and I happily obliged. =]
We talked for about two more hours about all sorts of things: movies, funny moments, God...just life, etc. It ranged from everywhere and everything. I loved it. *swoon* Haha. It was cool.

Today, I decided to step out on a limb a bit. I'm going to Florida Sunday, so I texted:
"Hey, I want to see you before I go out of town this weekend. Can you make it happen?" I mean, he insisted that I hit him up whenever I wanted to see him. Haha. He replies, "Hummm... Maybe lol ya know I can." Yeah, I liked that. Haha.
*sings* Can I have it like that? You got it like that.


lalaliybean said...

aww he sounds sweet! hope everything works out :]

.rawkii said...

Yeah, we'll see... ^_^