I Admit It:

  • I shouldn't have cut my hair. I'm impatient and I miss it dearly. Fortunately, its growing back, slowly but surely.
  • I probably should have called the new guy tonight expecting much more from that conversation. Why did I go and do that?
  • I should have thought about entering Cali's life much more intensively. When the feeling quickly fled again, just as quickly as it came, I let his heart down again.
  • I should have been cut all strings with Mr. N.
  • I needed to see how The Baller really plays. It made me realize it wasn't my type of ball game.
  • The words N.B. speaks of love may or may not be true, but clearly, my "I love you too" were empty.
  • I apply unnecessary worry upon myself and I pay for it, every time.
  • Prince may be right, I may be just like his mother "she's never satisfied."
  • I don't feel quite as pretty as before. Not anymore.
  • I'm paranoid.
  • I should pray more often. God knows.
I think I may do a list like this every now and again. I think its good for the soul.

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♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

yeah it makes you think about whats important to you in life.