Like Life Updates 7.28

Love, such a fickle thing.
Okay, love is not fickle...I am. Plus, I'm not on love at the moment, hence "Like Life." So the past few days I have been living it up. After kissing my Bestest-M once more, a goodbye kiss, if you will, I returned back to the city. Like I said before, our relationship, I feel, hasn't really changed. Yay!
So who have I been swooning over lately? The New Guy, you guess? Nooope. Also, from this moment on, we shall call him, Leo.
[New guy -> Leo]
Why the name change? Well, it was overdue annnd there is a new like interest: Cb. It stands for a delightful lil nickname that I already call him. I've known Cb. before actually. I met him sometime this past year at school. Never really gave him much thought. I thought he may be interested in me before, but he is really close to a good friend of mine, plus other small underlying things I had heard. Then said good friend of mine kind of suggested the idea. I tinkered on it.
We've been textin like rabbits since. Textin' not sextin'. I love talking with him. I feel like I am digging under the surface of my first impression of him and I've found something wonderful: a weirdo. Someone who is as weird, if not a bit more, as me. Happiness comes in the form...
We sometimes lightly brush on the idea of our attraction for each other, which is good. I don't like to be too obvious and if I feel like there is nothing new to discover or gain, I tend to get bored. So I think it is best he keeps me, and I him, on my toes.

onestly, you guys, I'm loving how easy it is to talk to him. I can be as silly or random as I want and he goes right with it. He doesn't make me feel completely odd or overly silly, like others. However, I know about infatuation stages, how they come and go, so I keep telling myself not to get too comfortable, to just enjoy these moments for what they are...moments. No one knows how long they'll last, but I'm hoping...


A.Sharie said...

thats cute, i love infatuation stages...but be careful -- it could last and be more than that. ive been in an ongoing infatuation stage for 3 years with one guy. Even during, after and despite off relationships i've been in while knowing him. This dude could be something special -- there's always hope

.rawkii said...

Wow 3 years?! That sounds heavenly. Hmm.