Oh Yessss! I Can Breathe Easier.
    This was the busiest week of my semester. I had something big due or exam everyday this week. Thank the heavens, I got through it! Today, I had to do my speech. I was super nervous, but once I got up there and made the people laugh...I was good. With the help of a few friends, I had made a video to accompany my speech as visual aid. It was hilarious.
Two of my friends (actors) in the video. Haha.
    I know I should have updated more, and I plan on it, but this week has been something major. I'm feeling good though. Hope you are too. Now, as for the rest of the day...I will be engaged in well deserved 4-5 hour nap. When I wake up, a visit from Mr. N would be nice. Yes. Eh, either way, I'm smiling. =] Catch ya'll on the flip side.