Summer is so freaking close I can almost feel the rays and taste the delight! Yesss. So two tests down, three more to go. Not too shabby. Only test I'm really worried about is my Art History exam. Ima pray for the best tho. For my fellow scholars, hope the last few weeks of school are swell! =] I'm counting down the day, as you can see at the top right. I actually am going to make a list of things or goals for this summer. Do something productive with my life. Haha.
Hm, Ima post that up later.

   I was planning on going home, but that didn't quite work out. I think I will vlog about that later, too much to type. Thank the Heavens, I'm safe tho. Ima leave at 5 or 5:30AM though, which means, I need to get some shut eye. Post Laterrr.


Rai said...

"Do something productive with my life." ...I say that all the time! lol Making a list of goals seems interesting, I bet I wouldn't even do HALF! lmao

I want to go to Disney Land!!! =D
I don't think I'm going to New Orleans this summer... ehh...

.rawkii said...

Haha. I'm hoping that I will actually achieve them all...or at least half. Haha. I got to find something to keep me occupied.

Hope you do go somewhere fun =]