Yeah, yeah...so on my way to my Unc-E's I passed by a billboard. Guess what event is coming to Atlanta next month! The Exotic Dancer National Championships!  *Cue Kilo - "Nasty Dancer"* I found that to be quite interesting. I will admit, I was thinking about it on the rest of the way there. I mean, that would definitely be a very unique competition. If I were an exotic dancer, that would probably be a highlight of the year for me. More so, would I compete? Hmm. Anywho, boredom and curiosity led me to google and see what it was all about. After you get past the whole naked-ity aspect, you notice it requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. Yeah, I'll leave that to the professionals. Plus, I don't have a double name ready like Katarina Kat [top contender] or Rachelle Laree... 
    I remember there was women pole-dancing at a club I was at once. I know I was suppose to be all grossed out, but I couldn't help but wonder, "Jinkies, how/where did she learn how to do that?!" Afterwards, my roomie said they were passing out flyers for lessons. I was kind of disappointed I didn't get one. Haha. I can imagine me having my on personal pole, at home of course, attempting to perform for my husband/significant other. Trying to be sexy and then bust my butt or something. Hahaha. 


Rai said...

I want to take pole dancing lessons. lol It seems like fun!!

Male strippers are cheesy. lol
Just thought I'll throw that in.

Anonymous said...

cute post
id want to try that too lol but if i fell once thatd prolly be the end of my career

.rawkii said...

Rai: It does!
Haha. I've never seen one in person. From the movies, yeah, they do seem a little "cheddar" Haha.

♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™: Thanks. Yep, I mean, how you bounce back from that? Haha.

kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

Maaan strippers are some bad btches with all their self-confidence and flexibility and men enticing abilities; you should take lessons though, haha!

.rawkii said...

Yessss! Haha. I would probably injure myself for life trying some of that stuff. If I do, and actually get good at it, I shall vlog about it. Haha.