This is purely ri-di-cu-lous. I intended to go home, enjoy the fam, be with my two bestest friends, and basically relax. Yeah I did, it has been great! However, I forgot about the downtime. What's crazy is my Twinnie and I just had a discussion about it earlier this week. I'm fine as long as I have something to occupy my mind, but once I'm idle in thought, there it goes. I sit and just think away, which is usually not a good thing. I hate sounding weary on the blog so much. I usually pull it off. I'm pretty optimistic for a pessimist. =] But I need some type of outlet though, somewhere I can take off the mask. Sorry to my followers, I promise the "sunshine" me will be back shortly. Its just one of those days--well nights. Right now...
...to be honest, I just wish he was here.


Rai said...

You're a better pessimist than I.
Is he down there? Or is he just in your thoughts. It'll be fine! =]

Just text me if you need someone to distract your mind!

Twisted Elegance said...

I am the same way if you give me something to do I'm fine but once I'm alone I start getting real preoccupied with thoughts. I hope you feel better though and don't apologize, we all have our entries where we just need to rant or release.


tianamonique--* said...

awwwhh; i feel the same wayy!

cheer up sunshine =]

.rawkii said...

Twinnie: Thanks ma'am. He was in my thoughts.

Twisted Elegance: Thanks, I'm glad you understand. =]

tianamonique: Thanks. =] Feels good when someone can actually relate.