I got a text today...guess who it was from...
     Yes, I'm super-di-duper hyped because I've been missing him so! He was gone for training to get set for Iraq in September. =\ He is looking forward to going. Me, on the other hand, I'm not looking forward to it. He says he wants to go ahead and do his "duty." He doesn't like sitting around. Figures, for a Marine. I've already began to pray for his safe return home and to me! Anywho, I've already got my shifts covered for the weekend so I can go home and spend time with him before he is off to training again. I'm excited. Plus, I've been wanted to go home. Hitting two birds with one stone. 

     So starting today, I need to stay focused to end the school year right. This week is our last week of class, next week finals. I have 2 tests this week and 3 next week. Not too shabby. After that, I will be staying at my Unc-E's until Mr. N's birthday [May 7th]. Then, I shall be heading back home for the summer. This summer seems like it will be pretty neat. June 20th I shall be heading to Harrisburg, Penn. P.A. Stand up! Hehe. It's been a while since I've been up there to visit the fam. What are your summer plans?


HB said...

for the summer: end of may i'll be workin my butt off like last summer living at my old university- go terps -_- lol

.rawkii said...

hahaha. you sound so excited. =]