I Kid You Not...
   My roomies and I had to do something right. Before we left the room we said, "I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me." Since then, things have just fallen into place. We actually caught the bus to class! Yes...we...bus! We are usually too late for it. My first class went sooo smoothly. Even got out early so I could do some much needed studying for my Mass Comm test today. Yesss! 
   I think we are gonna make it a routine. I guess we should have been doing that. Haha. Even if the day isn't going so well, I think it would be good to recite just to keep hope alive and indeed keep H.O.P.E. alive. Haha [Insider for Georgians] =]
   Well, I'm off to take that test. Hope you all are have a blessed day.
Smile =]


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice, you have a blessed day also ;-)

Jervis said...

im going to start doing that today too

.rawkii said...

The BossMack TopSoil: Thanks =]

Jervis: Yesss! =]

Kim said...

oh yea! you better keep that H.O.P.E alive. lol.