Woot! Sooo, its been a while since I had a good enough read to blog about. Lo and behold, my sister has came to the rescue. I didn't think it would be possible to find vampire-book, that I would enjoy, after I finished the Twilight series. However, Dead Until Dark is quite delightful. It started off kind of slow, but soon it was hard to put down. So last night I ordered the 7-book box set. =] It should be coming in around Monday... yes, happiness in a box. HBO also has a series based from this book called True Blood, I want to check that out.    
     Yes, I love vampires, they are my favorite monsters.
 After seeing Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, it was a done deal. Girls may talk about being "bad," but Aaliyah (R.I.P.) in Queen of the Damned was baddd. [Notice the extra 'd's.] She was beyond gangster. I mean aside from the whole damned, living dead, blood-lusting aspects of them, they are quite interesting and sinfully sexyyy.  
Eh, maybe its just me... *looks to the right* ...and thats fine with me.


Rai said...

My little sister loves some damn vampires. You guys are weird. LOL jp.... maybe >.>

I miss Aaliyah. =[

.rawkii said...

Haha. Your little sis rocks!

Yeah, that girl was my idol. =\

Shantae said...

Hell yes! Jackpot! Ever since I read twilight I've been more and more interested in the Fantasy/romance books. The good ones are so hard to find, though. I'm definately gonna go and order this one now.

.rawkii said...

Haha. Yes! Let me know when you start...
...I'm see if you can see the similarities.