So Its Colder In April...
...than it was on Christmas. I guess thats Georgia weather for ya. It was pretty breezy today. Speaking of breezy, the day was pretty easy. I only had one class, the second was cancelled. Sadly, it wasn't for a good reason...never really is I guess. My professor is pregnant and she said she was cramping and was kind of freaking out [on the inside, she wasn't openly spazzing.] So we gave her a paper and marker to make a sign with. People kept coming and talking to her. I'm like, PEOPLE the lady needs to get to the doctor. Two of em even had the audacity to ask for some papers that she was suppose give back today. Couldn't believe it. *smh* I e-mailed her, I hope everything is okay. =[

Hometown Glory
 I called my Grandma yesterday and in the midst of me asking what she was doing, she says, "It's lonesome, Amber." Man, that jive just makes me wanna hop in the car and make that 3 hour drive to give her some company. I mean, I just think, throughout the years that house usually be full. I mean, even when my mom, my sis and I moved, Grandaddy was there. Plus, we would come practically everyday. Now, that he has passed and we're out of town...there is no one there who comes around much. All that open space only leaves time for thought and memories. I would be lonesome too. Shoot, sometimes, I feel lonesome even when I'm amongst people. I feel pressure behind the tear ducts and I'm a little emotional right now, so Ima stop here. I just...hate for her to feel that way. =\
Anywho, how was your Monday?

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