Today is pretty simple. I only had one class, got some subway, and soon I should be getting my nap in. It's just that, its hard to fully enjoy happiness when you see people around you are going through. If only it was a simple as sprinkling some of your happy-sparkles on the person and its all better. Things are not that simple though. Hm. Energy is contagious and instead of spreading mine, I think I'm catching the blue-bug again. I got things I need to do and thoughts I need to work out. I feel kind of bad cause there are things and people I have neglected these past months. 
    I need to get my feelings in order. I don't know what it is about the month of April, but there is an unusual high frequency of people who want to make a come back in my life. The same people who, in some form or fashion, neglected me in past. Just when I thought it was all clear, here they come clouding my vision. The one I expect to rescue me from contemplation obviously can't hear my distress calls, the line must be cut...

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