Woot! It's Thursday!
My Bestestest and the crew is on the way here. I'm hyped!
We're definitely jumping out the window with this one. Haha. =]
Also, my package I won from Rai's 200 Followers Giveaway came todayyy! She was goood to me. I will post pictures of the goodies laterrr.

So basically, I decided to get a tad dolled up and try the e.l.f. Ivy eyeshadow combo I got a week or so back. It's a simple look. Plus, I'm just a beginner at this make up thing, so yeah... Anywho, here are the shots.
This is becoming a fav new duece pose. Haha.
My camera is not the best for this kind of shot, but eh...
I love big hair. =]
Well, I'm off to my Unc-E's for some good food.
Hope you had/have an awesome day too. =]


The Black Barbie said...

your such a doll face!!!

kmx. said...

Gorgeous girllll!
& i don't wear makeup
but I diggg! =P

.rawkii said...

The Black Barbie: Aw, Thanks! =]

kmx.: Thanks girlie. Yeah I only put it on now for pics or club outings...

Unbreakable said...

Very beautiful

Rai said...

I don't even do my peace sign pose anymore these days. lol

Love the makeup! You're so cute!

.rawkii said...

Thanks ma'am!

Jervis said...


.rawkii said...

Thanks. =]