"Worth It".Weekends

Home of the Braves.    
    So, Friday...no class. =] My roommates and I went to a Braves baseball games. One of my roomie's brothers was singing the national anthem with his school at the game. We all came in support. It was a little too cold for comfort, but after I got me some nachos, it was better. We jigged and did the chants. Haha.
Afterwards, we went to Chili's. Gotta love friends who help you 
when your money flow is low. =] Anywho, one of my roomies and I shared a triple-dipper meal. Surprisingly, I was full off of it too! Then we headed back to the dorm and I laid down for a nap before work...and over-slept my shift. =\ Yeah. Thankfully, Mr. N called, thinking I was just getting off, and woke me up so I could call my supervisor right away. He just laughed at me. =] I don't make a habit of it so I guess its no biggie.    
Saturday, my roomies and I headed to the cookout held at my dorm. They also had plate we could decorate and break to let off some steam from school or our personal lives. After I decorated mine, I decided not to break it. It's sitting on my desk right now. Haha. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to the park. There was sooo many people though, so we soon left. It was cool, we just went to another cookout held at the other dorms. =] So yeah...I ate goood.
    Later, we went with my roomie to go see her mom and bro at a friend of the family's house. Her house is soooo nice. Tall ceilings, walking closets, surround sound throughout the house, etc... After a virgin strawberry decory with whip cream and good old school music, we were jammin' and dancing. Haha. Sadly, I had to work...eh, it went by pretty quick.
    Now I'm about to head to Unc-R's to get some food. Post laterrr.


Rai said...

You look cute in your pictures.
You're weekened was WAY better than mines. =/

.rawkii said...

Thanks. =]
What did you do?

Rai said...

I totally spelled weekend wrong! lol Man I didn't do a single thing. Feeling rather depressed lately. =/