I feel a bit better emotionally, thank you to those posted the "get well"s. Haha. I mean, there is still things on the brain, but I find it to be a little useless to be the only one stressing issues. I mean, if the other person is not making an effort to resolve the issue, I refuse to just stand under the rain cloud. If they are willing to say "bye", I got to suck it up and say "bye" and walk away. I know this may make no sense, but yeah... Haha. So to cure all my troubles, I've been taking doses of Otis and The Delfonics. Oldies are the best! =]
    Anywho, despite a downfall, here and there, I really enjoyed my weekend home. In two weeks I will be back and I'm excited about that. I hope to get plenty of rest. As for this go-round, I got some little shopping in...
Everything but the jeans [Its Fashion] are from Rue 21. 
The shirts were $5 each, the jeans were $11. 
Thats actually the back side of the shirt at the left.
Yeah, one earring is missing, but it was on sale and I will only wear one at a time anyway.
My mom told me I needed to wear more heels so my arch won't drop. =\ 
These were just $10, so why not?
Yeah, so shopping was delightful. 


Devon said...

thos shoess are superrrr cute, shopping is always funnn :)

Rai said...

Shopping = LOVE!!

Wooo look at Twinnie.. going to be wearing heels. lmao

.rawkii said...

Devon: Thanks, hopefully i will look cute in them...

Rai: Yes, lets hope I don't fall.

Shantae said...

Those shoes are sick as hell. I adore those earrings too.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice Pics