Spring.Break: Day 2

Tuesday: Numero Uno
    It was quite nice. I awoke to some tasty bacon. =] Grandma is the best. After a while, I went a paid bills for Grandma and my Moms. Pretty easy stuff. I even managed to pick up some fingernail polish and candy from the store. After dinner, I headed to Ga Southern, my previous college, to visit my homies. It was so cool. I didn't get to see everyone. I was planning on going back today. Mainly, to go see if I can find some pants for my mom at the mall. I failed to do so yesterday.
    It was cool catching up on the times tho. I didn't get to try out that Street Fighter 4, which is another reason for me to go back. Hm. Also, I didn't get to see everyone, and I said I would come back...
    Sigh, I really don't feel like going back. I just want to nap! I really don't feel like visiting anyone. I know I need to tho. If they hear I was in town and I don't at least try to see them, I would probably never hear the end of it. Oh! My Bestest-M is in town. He is about the only person I really want to see. Sighhhhh.
    Well, we will see how it goes. I was planning on heading out at 3PM, but forget that! I'm bouts to get a good nap in. I tell you, if my mom didn't want those pants, I would keep my happy-self right here.
    Ps. Yes, I still miss Mr. N. Hehe. =] But I did get to talk to him yesterday, so yay for that!


Rai said...

I feel completely blah today. =[

lol. And I still can't get over you and "Mr. N."

.rawkii said...

Yeahhh...I don't know what it was.
Haha. Yeah, I still laugh about it. Crazy how things happen.