The Weekend Has Whooshed By!!!
    It has been pretty busy for the past few days. Starting Friday, I was going off of 2 hours of sleep, I had work the night before. Anywho, my roomies and I headed to Applebee's. They have a special where two people can share an appetizer and have an entree each for just $20. Yesss! So we got boneless buffalo wings and I got my steak, as usual. I was full for the rest of the day. 
    After eating, I decided to stop at the regular shops: Target, Ross, TJ Maxx. I usually find nifty little deals. I was not disappointed. First stop, Target. We were just browsing, then we came across this wonderful wall of e.l.f. products and I remember Twinnie mentioning it in her blog. To our delight, almost all the items were a $1 each. We all grabbed a basket and went to town! Next, bras! I always look out for some on the low. I found this sexy one for just $4.24 and another cute bra for $4.98. I was happy. Lastly, I found this nice long-sleeve shirt for just $3.24 and some socks.
Target purchases excluding socks and bras.

Elf products: eye-widener, eyeliner-black, sharpener, blotting sheets, 
eye-shadow combo-ivy, mascara-clear, nail polish-clear, lip gloss-pink lemonade

    We decided to skip Ross and headed to TJ Maxx. We soon got lost in the many choices of wallets. I needed a new one because the clasp on my old one was broken and my change kept falling out. Soon, I came across this:
I love it! It fits me, believe it or not.
     Saturday, I slept most of the day away. Once I finally woke up, I headed to my Unc-R's to sped time with the fam. My sis, two cousins, and I soon went to go get a pedicure. It was the second pedicure of my life. I got black, like last time, I think it is a trend I will keep. I like the design, on the toe, I could have done without the gem-thingys. I would post a pic, but I'm too self-conscious for that. Haha. Sadly, I had to leave and go to work. Eh. Once I got off, Mr. N texted. So that brighten up my night. I missed him, but I didn't want to nag him about coming. Luckily, he texted me first saying he missed me. Guess he assumed I was sleep, when I texted back he decided to come on over. 
     Right now, I'm about to get ready and head to my Unc's again. Do some laundry, start on homework, and enjoy being with the fam. Post laterrr.

P.S. Haha. I has pressed 'publish' early. Hehe. Thats why it was cut short. Sorry. =]


Rai said...

Hey Miss Thang! haha I love how you remember to think of me. =D

I wished I could find a big selection of e.l.f. here, but I don't. Big Lots has a couple things, that's about it. lol

Is something missing on your post? lol

Sei'Lani Britagne said...

came across what? hahaa there's not picture at the end! lmao. i wanna sseeeee. :)

Twisted Elegance said...

haha I was just about to leave u a comment saying that I think you stopped short lol.

You're so lucky that your target has elf products I wish mine did.

Doesn't shopping make the weekend so much better?

Rai said...

LMAO! Twinnie, I hate when that happens. Touch pads stay moving.

It's such a unique, yet very cute wallet. From Target, right?

A pedi! Even I never had one of those before. lol Have fun!!

.rawkii said...

Good eye ladies. Sorry, I had pressed 'publish' early. =]

Twinnie: No prob. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be into eye make-up and whatnot.

Oh, I thought all Targets would. Luckily, that one did...I don't know of any Big Lots around here. =\

Oh! The wallet if from TJ Maxx

Sei'Lani Britagne: Haha. Sorry! It's there now. Haha, I bet it was like a book that finished with no true ending.

Twisted Elegance: Sorry, Haha. Yeah.
Yes, as long as it isn't tragic to my wallet, I'm all for it. =]

Rai said...

Twinnie - I'm spreading my makeup love to others! <3
I'm going to have to send you a love package one day. hahah.

I wished we had a Ross or TJ Maxx here, only have Marshalls.