No Longer Feeling Under The Weather...
Thanks to those who wished me "Get well soon"s on the last post, I appreciate it. =]
I feel much better now. Just battling sinus one day at a time now. The crazy weather here itsn't helping either. At the beginning of this week, it felt like summer...now we're having winter like rainy weather. *sigh* Eh, thats expected here though.
Not too much happened this week. The main event was meeting Mr. N's padre, which I briefly mentioned. I wasn't too nervous...Mr. N said there wasn't much to worry about. You always have the thought: "What if he/she/they don't like me?" on your mind. Unless, you feel super-confident in the parental department. I haven't had a problem with parentals before, God forbid I start, but I'm just paranoid like that. Haha. It turned out to be really nice. Mainly, he busted Mr. N's chops, as he predicted. Haha. They played a few rounds a ball together and Mr. N kept missing his three. He usually makes those. His Dad was putting him on blast. Saying, "Yeah, he usually does, but his "cheerleader" is here." Hilarious.
After they played a few rounds of ball, we went back to his Dad's place and had dinner. I was worried cause they just got a new "puppy." I'm scared of dog I don't really know. Puppies tho, I'm not really too afraid of. Just takes some warming up. They open the door, I tell you...that dog was no puppy! Haha. He was a friendly dog though. I was a little nervous at first, but I was good after a while. Which was good, cause he tend to come around me more. He was a nice, shaggy, cute, and somewhat relaxed dog so we got along. Haha.

Hope everyone has been doing well. I know a few of you will be/are out on spring break. Have fun, but be safe. =]
Post up later about the weekend.

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