Woke up this morn and did some unintentional spring cleaning with two of my roommates. The fourth roommate had woke us up on her way out. We were all kind of pissed about that. In addition, we were sick of the stench that had occupied the dorm room. We cleaned, arranged, frebrezed...and luckily the smell is gone. We still have no idea where it specifically came from...but we're guessing it was a product of our fourth roommate. =/
    I've been hearing about Twitter and I decided to join to see what the hype is about. Didn't have much of an idea of what I was doing. I think I was slightly amused for about an hour. Now, I'm back down to the "eh" feel for things. I can see how it can have an addicting potential. I'll see how long I will keep it up. In the meantime...if you're into twittery, my page is http://twitter.com/rawkii 

Later Tonight...
    Mr. N and I are suppose to hang out. Tilapia is the dish for tonight. =] I probably should be getting ready now, but I'm getting sleepy. I think the extra hours of sleep are starting to affect me. Time to play catch-up and throw up a few zZ's.
Yawnnnn and a Smile.


Rai said...

I couldn't dare share a room with that many people. BLAH!
AND EW! What do you mean by that?!

OMG! Not you, too! Twitter got you. =[ hahaha

Tilapia sounds soooo good right now. Ya'll should cook me a meal.


.rawkii said...

Haha. It's not too bad. I have my own bedroom, its just the living room and kitchen that is problematic. Its just that 4th roomie.

Yeah, it has. Haha. I'm guessing you don't like it. I'm going to see how long it will keep my interest.

Yesss, I'm soo ready for that. I'll tell him you've sen tin an order.

Haha. Those things trip me out sometimes.