It's 7 O'clock In The Morning...
   And I'm up, wide awake. No, I didn't take a lack-nap earlier. I didn't knock out before 2AM either. After about a good 15-20 minutes, I decided posting may be my best bet in passing time. Anywho, Saturday. My sis and I decided to hit up Ross and T.J,Maxx. I usually try to find a cute dress or wallet in Ross. No such luck. T.J.Maxx is my source for the big bags I like to carry and accessories as well. I did find a nice tote bag in there for the low. $5.99 =]
I decided to put George in the shot too. Haha.
I think I'm use this a much need bag for my books.
   My sis and I then went to eat. I wanted to go back to this italian place, but nooo she wanted to "try something new." I don't usually like to risk money when it comes to food, I know how picky I am. She was paying so, it didn't take much persuasion. Plus, she said if I didn't like it, she'll by me something to-go at the Italian place.
   I had a hard time choosing. I just wanted to go next door and get my spaghetti. The lady who works there is like "Try it! You'll like it!" We get our food. Mine was eh, okay. It wasn't like totally disgusting, but it it got worst as I went on. My sister was kind of tearing hers up so I kept eating. I stopped when she stopped. She looked at me and from the look on my face said, "I'll go buy you some spaghetti." We got up to leave and the lady asks how we liked it. My sis was like, "It was great!" I said, "It was...okay.
    Once the door closed behind us my sis says, "That was horrible! I couldn't eat anymore of that." I asked, "Why did you keep eating it?! I thought you liked it?! I kept eating it cause you were." She replies, "I kept eating cause YOU were!" *bursts of laughter* She likes for me to try new things. I love that about her. Plus, as long as I got my spaghetti, I was happy.

Victoria's Secret...
   I had printed out my free gift coupon that I got from Twinnie's blog. I let my roommates in on it. After I got back from the outing with my sis, four of us headed to V. Secret, print-outs in tow. Haha. I felt a little bad cause the cashier was like, "I bet one of you told the rest about this." *Womp, guilty* I got the lime green bag. I painted on mine when I got back to my dorm, just to make it unique to me. Hehe.
Some may say I should of left it alone, but I couldn't resist.
Click for larger view.
   Plus, I bought some Very Sexy perfume. I love how it lasts allllll day! Its so hard to find a fragrance that lasts. With that purchase I got a "What's Your Secret Worth?" card. It can be worth up to $500! Haha. Hey if not, it will at least be worth $10 of my next purchase. I must not forget to use it before May 10th!
   Okay I think I can go back to sleep now. Catch a good two hours before class. Mr. N is coming today, hopefully. =] I miss him, quite a lot. Post laterrr.


Rai said...

OMG! I hate when I want to eat something and people do go. lol

lmao. And that cashier is lazy.
Cool at painting! :]

OOOH! If you get a good card buy me something. hahaha!!

chavita!!! said...

awww thanks sooo awesome =) i love vickys secretos whoop whoop

♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

imma have 2 try that perfume out
ps-love the song on yur pg!

.rawkii said...

Twinnie: I know right. At least I bought some perfume too. Haha. Cross your fingers that it is a good card.

chavita!!!: No prob. Yes, I love there fragrances.

Fresh Princess: Yesss, I like it. ...and Thanks! =]

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...


.rawkii said...

Thanks. =]