It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas...
...with alllll of the lovely snow!
   I awoke around 1PM to a text from my friend. I look outside my window and her words were true! It was snowing!!! And to think, I was gonna leave a day early (Sunday) to go home. I would have missed out. I know some people don't get excited about snow or hate it for that matter. Eh, I love it! Where I'm from, you only see snow every 10 years, if then. If it does snow, most times it doesn't stick. Today was the second day in my life I had a snow fight! Exciting stuff I tell you.
  I wished my roomies were there so we could go play in it, but they had already left to go home for spring break. Kind of ironic, snow on spring break, I know. So, I decided to head to my Unc-E's so I could enjoy the snow with my little cousins. I was kind of nervous driving in it, but it was cool and sooo pretty. Although my little cousin had slipped and chipped her front tooth before I got there, she was a trooper and still wanted to go outside with me. We had a snow fight, ate snow flakes, made snow angels. We even made a snowman too...well snow-duck-thingy. =]
It's leaning a little, but that only makes it more cool. Haha.
  Soon, my other lil cousin came home. By that time, it got superrrr windy outside. He hit me in the face with a bad snowball. That jive had my cheek red! I should of known better. Haha. I got a hit or two in too though. I just got my hair done Friday, but thats kind of ruined now. Oh well, thats the price I'm willing to pay for an awesome snow day.

Home Sweet Home...
    Tomorrow, I should be heading home. It will officially be jump-starting my spring break. I can't wait to be with my Grandma and my Moms! Hehe. Get on their nerves a little bit, they have been deprived for too long. Haha. Although Ima miss Mr. N, I will be happy to go home!!! I usually have people I want to visit, but never get around to all of them. We'll see how it goes this time around.
   I should be sleep now so I could be ready for the road. My sleeping routine is a little off, plus, I want something sweet to eat. =/ Sigh. Guess I'll try to get some shut-eye now. Later days!


Rai said...

AWW! I'm so jealous, again.
This dude that I know in ATL told me it was snowing. =[

I miss the snow... last time it snowed here I had JUST missed it.

Be safe on the roads!!

hb said...

heh, i'm not tryin to leave my house because there's too much snow outside.

not a fan. i just want the spring back.

kmx. said...

I actually hate the snow =P
After getting so much of it living in the Tri-State area we get enough of that! Lol. But glad you enjoyed it!! =)

A Rage In Jersey said...

yaaay for snow days. :)

.rawkii said...

Rai: Haha. Yeah, it go down here.

hb: Haha. geez, ya'll got hat much?

kmx.: Yeah, thats usually the case with people who get snow a lot.

A Rage...: Yesss! Yay! Haha.