Spring.Break: Day 3-4

Yeah, So Its Been A Day Or Few...
...since I lasted updated, but that should be kind of expected since my spring break has picked up on pace. So, now that I have the time, I decided to post. Sooo Wednesday night, I went back to Ga Southern, went to the mall, and hung out a little. I picked up two bras for $4.99 each! Scoooore. Once I got back home, which was around 10-11PM, my Bestest-M came by. I misses him so, he is the best. I spent most of the night updating my iTunes, tripping out with him, and getting ready for the long journey the next day. [Tifton to Panama City.] I didn't get in the bed til 3AM, I had to be on the road by 7AM.
    So, Thursday morning, I hugged my Moms "see-you-later" and headed to Tifton. Freaking MAPQUEST had me soooooo lost. Grrr. My roomie's mom came to the rescue. =] I made it there in like 2-3 hours. Then the roomies and I loaded up and head to Panama City. Took us 3 1/2 hours, but it was worth it! So we checked in and got settled. Soon, we got ready for dinner at Red Lobster. My friends said the waiter had an eye for me, I thought he was just trying to earn his tip. Anywho, I have tons of pictures, even one of the waiter! I will have to post up later.
   I will post up about today (Spring Break: Day 5) sometime later. =]
Smile! =]

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