It's Fridayyy! Yay!
    Yeah, 3 in the morn and I'm still up. I was just about to spaz out cause I lost connection to the internet for a good 5-10 minutes. I don't know why, everything was connected properly. I'm guessing its the service provider here and I pray it doesn't happen again. I was just imagining telling my Mom and she getting mad asking, "What did you do?! I'm not buying you another computer! Etc." Whew, glad I can skip that episode.
    Anywho, as I posted before, the week flew by. I feel better. No sorrows. I only had one class today...we had an exam, which I feel pretty good about. Now, I just feel the pressures of next week coming, but I'm going to try to be one step ahead of it all. So basically, next week looks like this:
Monday: Art Assignment Due & Mass Communication Exam
Tuesday: Art History Exam =\
Wednesday: Mass Communication Extra Credit Due & Tau Sigma T.O.A.S.T.
Thurday: Speech
Can you say, "Ahhhhhh!!!"?
    So starting today...I'm going to try to start on the studying and complete my art assignment. Plus work in spending time with the fam. this weekend. My Mom, Grandma, and Big Sis are coming! Woot. Wish me luck.

Tau Sigma & Spurs
    Wednesday, I had my induction to attend for Tau Sigma. It's an honorary society for transfer students. Not many people showed, I guess because of the rain. Oh well, there was more cake for us. I think I may try to become apart of the executive board, they e-mailed me the application today. They kept mentioning that there were "many positions open." So why not? Great way to finally get involved in something on campus. I would really like to do something with it, make it a more well-known and active organization.
Afterwards, I met my roomies at the Hawks vs. Spurs game. Wooot! Yeah, so I was suppose to be all for the Hawks, but I like the Spurs. I was hyped!
Woot! I'm too hyped! Even though I look like I'm at a Hornets game. Haha.
My roomies and our bud/supplier of tickets.

    Got back to the dorm just in time for work. Mr. N came and kept me company during my shift. Got back to my room and he helped me study for my History exam. He's such a sweetie. Well, I'm be off to work at 4. *sigh*


Rai said...

LMFAO. Your mom sounds EXACTLY like mine. Mothers...

Cool! You went to a basketball game. LOL @ you circling Tony Parker. I hate sports. =/

HAHA @ that guy in your picture.
Did you know him? He sure is looking up like you did.

So Nick and you are okay?

.rawkii said...


Haha. Yeah, Parker was in the house. Duncan wasn't tho...

Haha. Yeah, that's my roomie's, in the red and black, friend. He bought the tickets for us.

Yeah, we are good. Haha. We talked most of it out. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better now.