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    At the mall, club, or some public place...I'm sure you've been involved in the same situation. You're walking along and then it happens...some guy/girl tries to "holla" at you. However, you are not interested. What do you do? How do you handle the situation. Do you scheme your way around it or flat-out let the person know that you aren't feeling them. Even then, what if they persist? What do you do?
    I have a speech about this very topic and I want your opinions. Post about your own personal experiences. I want this speech to be more accurate beyond my own accounts. So go ahead and fill me in on your best "Dodging the 'Holla'" moments. =] I'm sure these will be quite entertaining.
    Just post a link to the post in my comments. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Can't wait to read these.
P.S. The first three people to post up shall get a special something-something. =]


Rai said...

I hate situations like that.
I feel like if you're like shouting "Hey lil mama" or some junk to me and I keep walking... let it end there. But some people don't want to. -rolls eyes

So that's when I end up getting on them. LMAO People don't take hints these days and think EVERYBODY wants them and that's not the case.

I can't even turn my head in someone's direction because they then think I want to talk to them. =/ Ahhh I hate it so.

.rawkii said...

I can relate. I mean, sometimes you try to be nice or ignore it, but they just don't get it. =\

Rai said...

I've been stalked and hissed at. lol =/ I hate that junk.

But then there are always those fools who can't take rejection and decide to get stupid.
So they get checked! People need to get over themselves.