What'cha Got Cookin', Good Lookin'
   So Tuesday, Mr. N and I decided to chill at his place. We even cooked dinner together! When I say "we" cooked...I mean, he basically cooked everything: rice, green beans, and the steak. He had been bragging about how "delicious" his steak was, so I figured it was bout time he proved himself. I did make the brownies. =] "Brownies for my brownie!" [If you haven't seen "Madea Goes to Jail" that probably went over your head.]

    His steak was pretty good. I felt kind of bad...I need to learn how to cook a little something something. I just never wanted to learn. I've seen it being done so many times, I use to be my Grandma's shadow, so I don't think I'm totally incapable. Sometimes, I pitch in at my Uncle's house, so I'm not totally clueless, but I think its time I try to fix a complete meal on my own. Now, this is a huge deal. If I'm willing to try to cook a meal, other than breakfast. Hehe. It would be a neat surprise for Mr. N, and myself, if it works out. =]
Post up laterrr. 


Rai said...

MMMMMMMM! It looks yummy.

I agree, we need to learn how to cook.
Martin can't cook anything. =/

.rawkii said...

It was pretty delicious.

Yes! We do. Haha.

Daniel said...

Haha, "oh your recording a video". Gotta admit, made me laugh how he was posing his rice for the flick haha. Anyways, your homies food looks good. I'm one of the many dudes who CAN'T cook and i hate myself for that. Oh yea, your brownies look pretty tasty as well! Have to credit you on that, ha.


.rawkii said...

Haha. Yeah, he was flaunting his cooking skills and whatnot. It was pretty tasty tho. Don't feel bad, I'm one of the FEW girls who can't. Well...I won't can't...one of the few who doesn't. Thanks for the brownie points! =] haha.

RMG! said...

I wish I could cook.

My boss made fun of me when I told him I only know how to cook stuff on the goerge foreman grill.

.rawkii said...

Haha. Thats a step up from the
microwave so I salute you. Haha.