Yes, I Have Been A Slackerrr...
...I haven't updated like I wanted. I think the Florida air did it to me.
I did notice I have 40 followers!
Well 39...all the same, I feel honored! =]
Yes, I am reading up on you gals/guys too.

As for the rest of my spring break...
   Friday, we got up
and headed to the beach! I was soooo excited. I have been trying to get to the beach for so long. First, we made a stop to Wal-Mart to pick up a bathing suit for my friend. Lo and behold, I ended getting new suit too! I was on the fence about getting it. I mean, I loved the colors! It was a one piece with the sides out. I have been looking for one of these for a while. The only thing that made me hesitate was the price, $20. Yes, I am a frugal buyer...I admit it. However, I gave in and bought it.
To make myself feel better, I'm going to consider this as a good investment.
   Eh, the weather nor water was as warm as I wanted it to be. I mean, our spring break is so early. We had a good time anyway. That is, until I saw two jellyfish. I stayed out of the water after that. It was cool tho, I had my share of splashing around. We took a lot of pictures! We stayed until after sunset, by then it was getting too chilly for comfort. Pretty awesome day. The rest of the trip we basically ate, rode around, and tripped out. Goodtimes.
   Saturday, during the drive back to school, I started to feel a little homesick. I didn't get to spend much time at home as I would of liked. I don't get to go back much at all because of work. Hm. Anywho, Mr. N came to see me after I got back to my dorm. I missed him so. Hehe. =] I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him because I had to work at 2AM. =\ He came to visit me the next day tho...
...and guess who has an awesome boyfriend now? =]


Twisted Elegance said...

I loove that bathing suit it's gorgeous and trust me I know how you feel I saw this bathing suit in F21 for 12.50 a peice and I was contemplating getting only the top haha.

I love ur blog <3

.rawkii said...

Thanks. Yes, I know right. I probably would do the same, pair it with some shorts and call it a day. Haha.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. =]

Harley Buzzz said...

man... if i didn't have hips, i'd rock a bathing suit like that. lol- definitely a no-no on my body type.

glad you had fun :)

-bonnie marie; said...

congrats on your new relationship<3
looks like i wasnt the only one on a little va-cay lol ;]

Rai said...

At least you got away for a while.
That swim suit is cute.

The water looks so clear!

AND OMG! You and Nick date?!!
OMG! You two, I will never get over.
Ye'en even tell me Twinnie, I'm depply hurt. =[

.rawkii said...

Harley Buzzz: I'm kind of big in the hip department too. It looks fine. Go for it! =]

Thanks, I'm glad I enjoyed it too.

bonnie marie: Thanks ma'am. He's special. P.R. looked soooo fun! I hope I could get out the country and have a get-a-way in my lifetime.

Rai: Thanks!

It was beautiful...especially the sunset.

Haha. Yes, we made it official yesterday [last night]. So don't be sad, Twinnie. You know otherwise I would of told you sooner. Haha. =]

Rai said...

I can't believe this!! lol
Crushspot/Myspace loooooooove. <3