Spring.Break: Day 1

Making My Way Downtown...
Driving Fast, Faces Pass and I'm Home-bound..
   Haha, Yeah. So...Monday: I finally woke up around 1PM and left my Unc-E's place to head back to my dorm and pack my things. Traffic picks up around 4ish, so I had to be swift. I should of packed and brought my things to my Unc's with me...would of made life much easier.
   Once I got to my dorm, a friend of mine called wanting to go to the mall. She sounded so bored, I felt kind of bad. Everyone one she called was busy or gone for spring break. Anywho, her birthday is coming soon, so I'll make up for that later. I carried on to my room and tried to pack lightly. Its so hard for me to do. I rarely have one bag. I like to have choices. Haha. I made it out with only two bags: one for clothes, other for shoes.
   At 3PM, I hit the road and started my 3 hour trip home. I did make a stop to Wendy's tho. Shoot, I was hungry. Haha. The ride was pretty smooth. No complaints. Got to my Grandma's, I was kind of sleepy tho. M mom soon called wanting something to eat. However, I didn't make it to the house quick enough for her and she had warmed up left overs. Made me feel bad... =\ She did give me her coupon for Subway, so I ate goooood. Italian B.M.T!!! Yum-my!
   My friends and I had a phone conference, making some preparations for the end of the week. I hope it works out. I got to talk to Mr. N for a little while, but he called while I was on the other end planning, so it wasn't as long as I liked. Later that night, he tried to call back, but something wacky was going on with his phone. Hopefully, its working today.
Post up laterrr.

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