A College Student's...
...favorite's words are "Spring Break."
   As of right now, I'm only a few hours of sleep =[, two classes, one test away from my lovely spring break!!! Yayyy! I just got done studying for that one test an hour or so ago. I'm still up, giving support to my roomie, who has a test in anatomy. Yeah, craziness. I'm bout to hop in my bed tho...
   Anywho, today...well yesterday (Thursday), I went to Mr. N's house to bring him some chicken noodle soup. He has a cold. [I may need to take a NyQuil, to be on the safe side.] We went to the gym so he could ball. We was there maybe 45 minutes...then when he went up to dunk, a little boy got in his way and he landed wrong. =\ Twisted his ankle, pretty bad, I think. Yeah, he tried to walk it off, but had no luck, so we went back to his house. After we ate, we made a stop to Wal-Mart. He walked up in crutches and the store attendant let him ride in one of those scooter-buggy things. It was kind of funny. He was excited to ride in one at first...then found it to be sorta embarrassing. He is silly...

    After my test tomorrow, I might try to catch a nap before Mr. N comes to pick me up. My mommy is in town! I have to go meet up with her tomorrow too. =] Yay! I miss her. I will get to spend some more time with her next week. Speaking of next week, here are the main plans for my spring break:
Mon - Tues: Spend time with fam in my hometown and sleep.
Tues - Wed: Visit the homies at Ga Southern and play Street Fighter 4!!!
Thurs - Sat: Go to PANAMA CITY with the roomies at the end of the week. =] I may even get a tan!
   When I get back, I hope I get to see Watchmen. Seems highly interesting! What are your plans for spring break...or the weekend? Well, I'm off to bed, so I can be fairly on time for my 11AM class...eh, wish me luck.
Have a grrrrrrrreat day! =]


Rai said...

I'd do the EXACT same thing... so weird.

Woooo @ going to Panama City!
Hope you have tons of fun & take pictures.

I have no clue what I'm doing.
Heading to stay with Martin after the 10th.
When I left now, but I wanted
to make some money before I go (babysitting).

kmx. said...

Lol @ Mr.N!! I've always wanted to ride in one of those. It sucks he broke his ankle though. I'm still in highschool so my spring break isn't until april! But I hope you have fun on yours and Panama City? Oohlala. Take a bunch of pics!!

.rawkii said...

Twinnie: Haha. I know right, I was laughing too. I hope karma doesn't get me.

Yeah, I hope Panama City plans follow through and I shall definitely take pictures! Especially since I think I'm getting a new haircut tomorrow. New pictures are due. Haha.

Understandable. I probably wouldn't go anywhere if I didnt get paid.

kmx.: Haha, he is silly. Yeah, I think he jut twisted it bad, but he was doing better by the time I left.

Ohh, lucky, at least it will be super warm in April.

Thanks, I hope I have fun too and I will take pics as long as my camera will allow.

Anonymous said...

sounds funnnn!
have fun girlie!!
my sb is in like two weeks.
midterms nxt week. ugh!

hb said...

wow your spring break is really early. i guess you get out of school early too. mine is in april.

i can't wait for watchmen.

India said...

lol, awww.. he looks so shocked in the video.. hahaha
i hope you enjoy your spring break

.rawkii said...

tysofly: Thanks. Good luck with the midterms!

hb: Yeah, I don't know anyone else who is out this early.

Me either it seems like its gonna be awesome.

India: Haha, yeah I love candid shots. Thanks, I hope I do too. =]

[$ H A R O N A] said...

man walmart always has a way of curing boredom.

Anonymous said...

Lmfao @ that video.

When are you coming to Panama City? I live here bro! What are you trying to get into when you get here?

.rawkii said...

Im heading out there soon.
Im just tryna head to the beach.