Any Other Year...
...I would probably begin by saying how Valentine's suck and whatnot. I'm glad to say, this year has really come with change. A very pleasant surprise. =] This weekend I've accomplished a lot. Beginning with Thursday, I let go of things not needed...*cough* The Baller. When I least expected, things turned for the better...Valentine's. 
   Friday, with the help of my roomies financially and emotionally, I got my nose pierced finally! Yay! I called my mom beforehand to get her approval. She told me to call when I go in case she changed her mind. I didn't, but I called her right afterwards. Haha. I went on a search for some accessories to go with the dress I was going to wear to Coronation that night. No luck, but I did get a cute umbrella and a new book.
   Coronation was okay. I don't know why they booked a live band. The DJ was playing oldies like "Holiday Inn" by Chingy. I was afraid my date, Mr. N, wasn't enjoying himself. I did manage to catch one dance with him. =] I was hoping it wouldn't put a downer of our Valentine's date. Luckily, it didn't!
   Saturday, it was time for my first Valentine's date everrr. I've had valentines before, just never went out. It was a double date. Mr. N, his friend, my roomie, and I. A good idea, I believe. It made things not be so awkward. Although, the night didn't go as planned, we had a blast tripping out. The movie theaters were so packed, so we decided to eat at Applebee's. I was happy! We had to wait an hour, so we went to my date's house. There, I met Mr. N's Grandma. She was sooo nice. I was nervous, of course. She told the cute story about when Mr. N was two years old. Haha.
   My roomie snapped this from across and under the table.
I was just giving him some hand sanitizer.
She thought this was "so sweet." Haha.
   All-in-all, the weekend was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Mr. N was sooo sweet... I don't want to jinx anything, so Ima stop there. Hope you had an awesome weekend too. =]


RMG! said...

Glad you had fun!

Rai said...

AWWW. You look so pretty.

I'm so glad you and "Mr. N" had a good time.
Tell him I'm laughing @ ya'll. haha

LOL @ that picture. It's cute though.
I DO THE SAME THING! Squeeze hand sanitizer.
in Martin's hand before we eat. LMAO.

Unbreakable said...

I am Happy you had fun...

.rawkii said...

RMG!: Thanks!Me too! Haha. I was worried.

Rai: Haha, thanks. I will tell him. Haha.
Kind of weird huh? haha

Unbreakable: Thanks, me too.

India said...

im jamming to sunday morning. its been sooo long since i heard it.

its amazing how when you let someone go and things fall into place.

i wish you all the best!

Crystalynne D said...

awwww @ the picture

.rawkii said...

India: Yes! I can't believe how close I was to possibly missing out on a good thing. Thanks, you too!

Crystalynne D: Thanks. Haha.

Jervis said...

nice....the pic is hot,and cool @ u gettin the piercing

chavita!!! said...

awww cute cute =) did it hurt at all??

.rawkii said...

Jervis: Thanks. Glad I finally got it.

chavita!!!: Thanks ma'am. It did, but no that bad.